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Vol.1 2000

HK Enterprise Internet


Food & Drink Packaging

Paper Box Packaging

CD-Tape Packaging

Cosmetic & Toiletry Containers

Food & Drink Packaging

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TOP-RANGE products deserve first-rate packaging -- and, as premium food producers have discovered, Hong Kong's packaging companies can deliver just that.

Shun Shing Polyethylene Printing Co Ltd produces various thick, strong small bags and packets used to contain snacks and dried foods. Its products -- which include laminated bags, hologram (anti-counterfeiting) packaging, easy-tear bags and microwave convenience packs -- are made of polypropylene substances OPP and CPP. Manufacture takes place at the company's 100,000-square-foot factory in Shenzhen, mainland China, with 300 workers.

"We make bags according to our customers' needs, using our own design team based in [mainland] China," says administration manager Louise Lee. The company's main markets are Hong Kong, the mainland, the US and Australia. Minimum order is 20,000 pieces, and prices vary from HK$0.20 to HK$1 per piece FOB Hong Kong. "The price depends on the thickness of the materials and the printed colours," Lee says.

Hang Tai Packaging Material Co, on the other hand, caters for the packaging needs of the fast-food industry. It produces PVC trays for fruit salad (measuring 5x5x3 inches) and sushi (71/2x41/2x11/2inches). Prices range from HK$0.50 to HK$2 per piece FOB Hong Kong, depending on the quantity ordered and thickness of material used. Minimum order is 5,000 pieces.

Hang Tai manufactures at its 3,000-square-metre, 300-worker factory in Shenzhen, on the mainland. Its main markets are Hong Kong, the mainland and the US. Manager Ken Choy says the company's strength is in speed of delivery: "We can deliver 10 days after an order is confirmed."

Tin Box Asia Pacific HK Ltd is well-known for its line of decorative and uniquely shaped tin boxes. Established in 1952, the company uses tin-plated steel in the manufacture of its own designs.

Examples of embossed designs include dog bone-shaped tin 718827, measuring 9x5x31/8 inches and selling for US$1.20 per piece; cat-shaped tin 711007, with dimensions of 61/4x4x2 inches and priced at US$0.82; rabbit-shaped tin 982307, measuring 6x4x13/4 inches and also priced at US$0.82; and butterfly-shaped model 715427, measuring 7x51/4x2 inches and costing US$1.10. All the above prices are FOB Hong Kong and based on a 12,000-piece order.

Tin Box produces 300,000 pieces per item each month at its factory in Dongguan, on the mainland. While the average minimum order is 12,000 pieces, this can range from 24,000 to 48,000 pieces for smaller tins.

Delivery generally takes about 90 days after order confirmation. The company's main market is the US, but it also exports to Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and Mexico. "Most of our customers use our products to package food, especially confectionery," says manager Eric Kwok.

GM Metal Packaging Ltd produces tins used as tea canisters, cookie jars and for other food items. Its factory in Dongguan uses materials such as tin sheet, holographic sheeting, stone-finished sheeting and stainless steel, and has recently developed holographic stainless steel. "We strive to come up with new ideas and new materials," says director Sunil Gidumal.

The company manufactures to clients' designs. Recent tin plate products include square tins with a fruit bowl design (measuring 19.5x19.5x8cm and 22.5x22.5x9cm); a cylindrical tin with a nautical design and a plastic gold-plated clasp (21cm high with a 9cm diameter); and a round tin with sheriff decoupage (9.5cm high with lid and 9cm in diameter).

These products sell for up to US$1 FOB Hong Kong, depending on the order quantity and number of colours used in the design process. The minimum order also depends on the number of colours used and the popularity of a particular design. Products are delivered within 60 days of order confirmation.

Tins Decision (HK) Ltd uses rust-resistant electrolyte tin plate and tin-free steel in the manufacture of its tins and trays. All products come from the company's 10,000-square-metre, 400-worker Dongguan factory, which produces more than two million pieces per month, that are exported all around the world.

Products include a classic wheeled car, model T7903. The body is comprised of a larger tin measuring 71/4x4x45/8inches, while the bonnet tin measures 21/4x21/4x21/4inches.

Other products include rectangular tins T3268, measuring 7x4x10 inches, and T3301H7, measuring 55/8x4x7 inches. Tin prices start from US$0.15 per piece FOB Hong Kong, and depend on the tin size, printing process and quantity.

Senior officer Michelle Wong explains that Tins Decision has 20 production lines and its own moulding department. "This means we can control quality, and tailor-make our products to our customers' needs," she says.


Paper Box Packaging

APER takes on a whole variety of shades, tones, thicknesses, weights, sheens and finishes when used by Hong Kong manufacturers to produce quality packaging for their customers' goods.

Lepi China Ltd, for example, makes paper gift boxes which are mainly used as packaging for premium gift items. The product line includes a range of two-colour jewellery cases made from 100gsm art paper, featuring a flip-back lid and velour inner casing. Model CX1 ring case sells for US$0.40; bracelet case CX4 for US$1.20; and necklace case CX5 for US$1.30. These prices are FOB Hong Kong and hold for the minimum order of 5,000 pieces. The minimum order must total US$3,000.

The company manufactures 2.5 million pieces per month at its 200,000-square-foot factory in Guangdong, mainland China, using in-house as well as customer designs. Its main markets are the US and Europe, and delivery takes 35-45 days after order confirmation.

"We regard our customers as our partners," says sales manager Pat Mo. "We work on building up good relationships with them, and ensure they get prompt delivery."

Astucci Int'l Ltd also makes boxes for jewellery, watches and pens using various paper products. Its two-piece 120gsm paper boxes include pen box model 990169, measuring 81/4 x23/4 x11/2 inches, and bracelet box with plastic window model 990063, measuring 53/4x2x1 inches. FOB Hong Kong prices range from US$0.40 to US$2.50, depending on the size, material and order quantity. The minimum order is 3,000 pieces.

Manufacture is usually on OEM terms, although Astucci also has its own designers located in Italy and the US.

The company produces 300,000 paper and fabric pieces per month, although it is investing in new production machinery to halve the time used in making moulds as well as cut production lead time. "Our delivery is fast," says general manger Calvin Chong. "Although our general delivery time is 30 days, we can ship urgent orders within two weeks."

Paper products are the speciality of Paddy's Collection Ltd. Its output is a mixture of in-house and customer designs, manufactured at its 150-worker, 600-square-metre factory in Dongguan, on the mainland. "We are a major player in the handmade greeting card business in China," explains director Paddy Shing. "Our paper packaging business is a successful spin-off from this."

A gift folding box, made of 240gsm corrugated board, measures 9.5x16x5.5cm and sells for US$0.35 FOB Hong Kong. A new style is a bottle folding box, also made from corrugated board, measuring 11x11x33cm and priced at US$0.50. These prices are based on the minimum order of 3,000 pieces per design.

Paddy's Collection sources paper from the UK and exports mainly to the US and UK. Delivery takes place 45 days after order confirmation.

Fancy paper, satin and suede from the US, France and Italy are the basis of Unity Packaging Ltd's paper presentation boxes and paper bags. The S range, for example, uses two colours of cardboard, one corrugated, in a pouch design with a hook-and-loop stud fastener. Pendant box S-29 measures 92x90x22mm and sells for US$0.54 each FOB Hong Kong, while necklace box S-31, measuring 160x160x22mm, is priced at US$1.12 each.

The minimum order for all styles is 3,000 pieces, and delivery takes 45 days after order confirmation. Unity has a monthly production run of one million pieces of various models.

The company's business is a fairly even split between OEM and in-house designs, according to sales manager Joanna Hung. "We offer our customers a good service, and will reply to any inquiries within the same day," Hung says.

Packaging products from Lakco Packaging Ltd include paper box CR-3, a card box with a popper fastener which opens to a second card interior with velour setting. It measures 21/2x21/2x3/4 inches and sells for US$2.80 per dozen FOB Hong Kong. Box EG-1 is made of one-colour card with a gold-leaf window, measures 2x21/4x3/4 inches and sells for US$1.20 per dozen.

The minimum order is 200 dozen of each item in any one colour, subject to a minimum order value of US$5,000 for each shipment.

Delivery is within 30 days of order confirmation and deposit receipt. Managing director Paul Cheung says efficiency is one of Lakco's key strengths. "The others are quality, and the fact that our prices are very competitive."


CD-Tape Packaging

DON'T judge a book by its cover. So goes the famous saying. But many people will judge a new CD or video, at least in part, by its case and cover. CD cases are increasingly seen as part of the appeal of the whole product and manufacturers are making them snazzier, jazzier and more fun than ever.

Brilliant colours guaranteed to liven up any music lover's CD collection are the speciality of Rush Land Ltd. The single and double CD boxes are made of GPPS. All colours are available if the customer provides the Pantone number. The company also makes clear boxes -- using GPPS and PS -- to house audio-cassettes.

"We sell these to duplicators and they form 60% of our business," says marketing manager Sally Cheung.

The company has been in the industry for more than 10 years and Cheung says this long experience enables it to achieve good quality with low costs. "We own 60 sets of advanced plastic injection machines and our own metal moulds. We also have our own assembly machine to insert components," she says.

Output from the company's 400-worker factory in mainland China is 20 million audio-cassette shells and two million CD boxes per month. The firm can also provide audio duplication and CD replication with complete packaging, including the printing of the CD cover and provision of export carton. Instruction guides and booklets may also be provided on request. Minimum order is one TEU (about 100,000 units) and delivery takes 20-25 days.

Chin Shing Industrial Ltd, which has been in the packaging industry for more than 17 years, makes a wide range of cases and housings.

Model CS33 is a video-cassette library case made of recyclable PP and is available in a full range of colours. "We can provide any colour so long as the customer gives us the Pantone number or colour sample," says marketing manager WL Wang.

Model CS72 is a video-cassette library case with a transparent film cover capable of holding an A4-size paper insert. Model CSD802 is a CD case made of PP, which is suitable for both video shops and home use.

Wang says PP is an ideal material for these casings. "PP is a flexible material, so these products are able to resist damage from being dropped or receiving an impact."

Chin Shing turns out 11 million PP cases a month at capacity. Prices depend on order size, which is negotiable, and delivery takes 3-6 weeks after order confirmation.

Meco Int'l Sources Ltd produces a full range of PP cases. The selection includes video-cassette cases (models MP-001 and MP-003) and DVD cases (models DVD-B and DVD-C).

A company spokesperson says prices are competitive and depend on order size. "We make our own metal moulds for plastic injection at our factory in mainland China, so this helps us keep costs low," he says.

The 200-worker factory, which is certified to BSI 9002, has an annual production of 20 million cases. "We can also make many other types of plastic products, according to customer requirements," the spokesman says.

Main markets are Europe, the US and Asia. Minimum order is one TEU and delivery time is 20 days after a confirmed order.

New Sound Cassettes Mfg Ltd makes two million CD boxes and three million video-cassette cases a month. A single CD box is made of GPPS and HIPS with black pigment. Other shades and colours are also available.

The company has about 30 plastic injection machines at its 350-worker factory on the mainland. "We can provide additional services such as packaging, provision of export carton and printing on the CD cover," says sales manager Eunice Wong.

The company, established in 1996, also owns seven machines for loading video-cassettes into the cases. Tape comes mainly from South Korea.

Main markets are Japan and the US. Minimum order is one TEU (130,000 items per design) and delivery takes 15 days after order confirmation.


Cosmetic & Toiletry Containers

PACKAGING for toiletries and cosmetics needs to be low-cost, attractive and durable. Suppliers stick strictly to these qualities and offer a diverse range of items.

The range from Willer Imports includes a frosted glass atomiser priced at HK$13.50 FOB Hong Kong each based on an order of 5,000. A heavy clear 15ml acrylic cream jar sells for HK$7.50 based on a 5,000-piece order and a clear glass atomiser is priced at HK$2.65 based on an order of 10,000 pieces.

The company, established in 1975 to make bottles, caps and similar items, sources glass and plastic resin worldwide.

Major markets are Hong Kong and mainland China. General manager Anthony Fung says, "In today's market the customer wants new products and new designs. With our group structure we can make anything a customer wants or, if not, locate and supply it through our extensive trading contacts. After product quality, customer service ranks next in our priorities."

Fung says minimum order is flexible and delivery takes 30-60 days.

From Tech Pro Asia Ltd, established in 1997, come household toiletry containers, such as a large plastic conditioner bottle with integral hollow handle and a strong generic toiletries retail bottle.

The company imports PP, PVC, PE and PET from Japan and South Korea, and can deliver a negotiable order in three weeks.

"We are technical specialists in plastic injection and blow-moulded products. We can design, produce and deliver almost any product imaginable by tailoring machine moulds up to precision engineering standards," says marketing director Nancy Lam.

Technical director Joe Mak says: "With our 800-plus staff we go for volume. Prices are usually calculated on a 100,000-unit order and vary between HK$1 and HK$3 [FOB Hong Kong each]."

The company is principally involved in OEM work, and its main markets are Hong Kong and the mainland.

J.S.P. Pacific Ltd offers clear and opaque 3-5ml plastic jars priced at US$0.06 FOB Hong Kong each, 30ml cream jars at US$0.18 each, 50ml cream jars at US$0.192, and a 30ml translucent jar with inner seal and opaque white top at US$0.296. All prices are based on a 100,000-piece order.

Director Lam Miu says, "Although we are an OEM we understand from our customers that they must have new packaging, often several times a year, just to stay in the market. Of course this puts us on our toes, as we have to maintain very flexible production techniques. So far, no customer has complained of our lack of ability in this area."

The company, established in 1996, makes 300,000 plastic jars and bags per month at its 250-worker, 3,000-square-metre factory in Guangdong, on the mainland. PS, PP and acrylic come from Japan, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia.

Minimum order is 20,000 units and delivery takes 30 days. Main markets are the UK and Japan.

Honor Eternal Ltd offers a frosted glass cream jar with metal cap for US$0.50 FOB Hong Kong, and a smaller model for US$0.45. A blue atomiser sells for US$1.80 and a similar clear glass bottle is priced at US$1.60. A pretty glass thumb-spray perfume bottle is priced at US$2 and a small fluted bottle sells for US$2.10.

Founded in 1996 as a manufacturer of glass containers and caps for packaging, the company can make 15 million bottles per month by machine and 5,000 a month by hand at its two factories on the mainland. Minimum orders are 50,000 units produced by machine and 3,000 by hand, and delivery takes up to 50 days. Materials are sourced in mainland China, Germany and France.

Main markets are the mainland, South Korea, the US and Australia.

Director Charles Sung says: "Autoline production is as big as you want it to be, but many people are in the same market. Our handmade production is lovely but little. Although profitable it can never be very large, so you see we walk a fine line."



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