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Blister Packing(HKTDC Packaging, Vol 02,2005)

Vol.2 2005

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Blister Packing

Perfect Protection

This clamshell with tray from Tung Hing Industrial Co offers safe housing for audio accessories
Widely used for display and protection of a myriad of goods, blister packing is a perennial favourite that is always in great demand in a large number of industries.

Long-time packaging industry veterans in Hong Kong are helping to meet ever-increasing market demand through their factories on the Chinese mainland, where low production costs ensure competitive pricing and quality products.

A classic example of this customer-centric trend is Tung Hing Industrial Co, whose products include PS blister trays for electronic parts and flocked-blister cutlery trays, as well as clamshells for small radios or MD players.

Tung Hing's blister packing products are made with PVC, PET, PS and PP, mostly from Taiwan. "We sometimes use materials from the US," admits marketing manager Tsang Yuk Wing.

The 22-year-old firm operates two blister-packing factories in Dongguan, another in Shenzhen and a fourth in Shanghai, on the mainland. "Each of them is staffed with 300-400 workers," Tsang explains. "The factories are ISO 9001-certified."

Tung Hing requires minimum order values of about US$3,000, which can be delivered about a month after order confirmation, depending on the quantity. "Our biggest export market is the US, which accounts for about 50% of our exports," Tsang says. "We also sell to Canada, the UK and Japan."

Focusing more on the feminine market is Chiu Ming Polyethlene Products Fty Ltd, which produces transparent and coloured, flocked and unflocked blister trays for multinational perfume and cosmetic manufacturers.

"We use materials from Taiwan, the mainland and the US like PVC, PS and environmentally friendly PP, APET and PETG," assistant general manager Aaron Chang claims.

He says Chiu Ming's rigid trays are able to keep perfume bottles in place thanks to the 27-year-old company's technology. "We continuously conduct R&D to create new designs and propose them to customers, offering them more possibilities," Chang explains.

Chiu Ming's ISO 9001-certified, 10,000-square-foot factory in Dongguan employs 250-300 workers and produces US$2,000 minimum order values for delivery two weeks after confirmation. "Most of our customers are from the US," Chang says, noting that other major markets include France, Australia and Asia.

Taking a completely different tack is Perfectech Int'l Packaging Products Co Ltd, which focuses on no-frills packaging for a wide variety of industries and applications.

Perfectech's products include anti-static PVC trays for electronic parts, PS stationery trays and flocked PVC trays for customer-specific purposes.

Senior sales manager Patrick Ip advises that the company also uses other materials, including PET and PP. "Most of the materials are from Taiwan, while others come from Japan and the mainland," he notes.

Established in 1984, the ISO 9001-certified enterprise operates an 11,000-square-metre factory in Shenzhen that employs 1,000 workers. "Minimum order value is about US$1,280 for overseas customers," he adds, advising that orders can be delivered two weeks after confirmation. "We sell products to Hong Kong-owned factories on the mainland, which use our blister trays to contain their products for export."

Bright, cute styles are a particular forte of Charter Bright Industries Co Ltd, which makes red and purple PVC blister trays for toys as well as PVC trays for candies, including a transparent version in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Marketing executive Nobel Tsang adds that the firm's materials, which also include PET and PP, mostly hail from Taiwan, the US and the mainland.

The five-year-old firm's 13,000-square-metre, 60-worker factory requires minimum orders of 5,000 units, which can be delivered 10-14 working days after order confirmation.

"Our main market is the US, which makes up roughly 50% of our turnover," Tsang explains. "We also export to Europe, including the UK, Germany and France."

Toy blister packing is also serious business for Jianli Packaging Co Ltd, which offers a PC remote-control model car case unit-priced at approximately US$1 FOB Hong Kong for a minimum order of 3,000 units.

Other blister items include a red, flocked HIPS cutlery tray priced at US$0.50 each, as well as a range of clamshells for electronic products that cost US$0.10-0.30 a piece.

Jianli's blister packing also utilises PVC, PP, PET and PS. "Most of our materials are sourced from the mainland, while others are imported from Taiwan and Korea," managing director David Yee says.

The 12-year-old firm's ISO 9001-certified factories in Shenzhen, Wuxi and Suzhou together cover 7,500 square metres and employ about 180 workers.

They produce more than 100,000 blister products a day for delivery seven days after order confirmation. "The UK is our biggest market," Yee notes, adding that other markets include Australia and Canada.

Buyers in all industries are clearly spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting from the vast panoply of blister packing Hong Kong manufacturers have to offer.


Contact Details:

Charter Bright Industries Co Ltd
Rm 11, 13/F, Blk D
Manning Ind Bldg
116-118 How Ming St, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2333-1082
Fax: 852-3522-8269
Email: nt1964@net-yan.com
Web: www.yatlee-china.com

Chiu Ming Polyethlene Products Fty Ltd
Flat G, 4/F, Effort Ind Bldg
2-8 Kung Yip St, Kwai Chung
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2401-2863
Fax: 852-2401-2870
Email: info@chiu-ming.com
Web: www.chiu-ming.com

Jianli Packaging Co Ltd
Unit H3, 2/F, Phase 2
Yip Fat Ind Bldg, 75 Hoi Yuen Rd
Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2191-7338
Fax: 852-2191-7399
Web: info@jianli.com.hk
Web: www.jianli.com.hk

Perfectech Int'l Packaging Products Co Ltd
3/F, Perfectech Centre
64 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Aberdeen
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2554-6366
Fax: 852-2873-2142
Email: packaging@perfectech.net
Web: www.perfectech.net/packaging

Sheen Base Industries Ltd
Flat A1, 2/F, Blk A
Tonic Ind Centre, 26 Kai Cheung Rd
Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2795-8823
Fax: 852-2795-8819
Email: enquiry@sheenbase.com
Web: www.sheenbase.com

Tung Hing Industrial Co
Flats A & B, 23/F, Shield Ind Centre
84-92 Chai Wan Kok St, Tsuen Wan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2411-0708
Fax: 852-2412-0807
Email: th@th88.com
Web: www.th88.com

Yick Tak Blister Packaging Fty

Flat G, 9/F, Blk 3, Camel Paint Bldg
60 Hoi Yuen Rd, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2342-0825
Fax: 852-3583-2968
Email: peter@yicktak.com
Web: www.yicktak.com

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