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Continuing Success(HKTDC Packaging, Vol 01,2007)

Winbox Co Ltd


Winbox Co Ltd is one of the world's top suppliers of quality packaging for jewellery, watches, gifts and accessories
Winbox Co Ltd, established in 1985, so successfully developed its business in overseas markets that it was able to achieve listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2006 (as part of Winbox Int'l (Holdings) Ltd). Today, the firm lays claim to being one of the world's top suppliers of quality packaging for jewellery, watches, gifts and accessories.

Becoming a publicly-listed company is seen as a major achievement for Winbox. "Going through the listing process was certainly one of our biggest assignments ever as the listing rules are stringent," recalls executive director Vicky Fung. "We were delighted with the results as it confirms to clients that we are a quality, reliable and successful manufacturer."

Interestingly, Winbox has remained true to its founding principles to invest in and develop superior products in the packaging industry. "For example, early packaging products were quite simple whereas today they may involve complex designs and high quality printing," says Fung. "The choice of raw materials, alone, has increased tremendously."

However, she advises that the packaging business is also now more competitive. "Costs are increasing a lot on the Chinese mainland, for example, and to stay competitive we have to work hard to closely track the market trends and prices for raw materials. As ever, clients always want to keep prices stable."

On the other hand, Fung says there are benefits to be gained from a largely stable business. "We invest a lot of energy into designing creative packaging suitable for the modern consumer items developed for a fast-paced world," she explains. "Our customers want these products to stand out on the shelves, in eye-catching and attractive boxes and cartons that also say something about the quality of the items inside."

She says that Winbox also offers buyers a one-stop packaging solution. "We do everything in-house, from the initial design and prototype to the realisation of a highly professional finished product," says Fung. "We can also assist customers to efficiently source products and materials in the greater China region for business or marketing needs outside the realm of packaging."

There is also a logistics service that is proving attractive to international clients. "Many large importers today have retail outlets in different parts of the world, and we can arrange deliveries to each market for them," Fung explains. "We can also offer a stock-holding solution to selected customers as increasing numbers of customers do not want to store their goods because domestic floor space is expensive."

To coordinate these efforts, Winbox operates its own European sales office in Paris, which focuses on client servicing for selected European buyers and enables the firm to provide quality control with time efficiency and the necessary logistical support.

Winbox uses all sorts of raw materials, including cardboard, plastic and wood to make a wide range of boxes. The material choice depends on the size of the order and the purpose of the box. "Some complex designs, for example, may not be suited to wood, while we need large orders to make plastic boxes worthwhile," Fung advises.

The same approach applies to the covering materials, and Winbox uses everything from paper to leather. "Everyone knows that leather is expensive, but some special paper finishes are not cheap either," she adds.

However, packaging is not just about hard boxes, cases and exteriors as Winbox also supplies all kinds of pouches, soft bags, paper bags and shopping bags. There are also various designs for inserts such as fancy case cushions, and the company also handles display design.

Production takes place at the firm's plant in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland. Main product lines are jewellery boxes and storage and display case boxes, cases for jewellery collections, boxes for watches, gift boxes, boxes for classic pens and general purpose plastic boxes. There are also gift boxes for perfumes, cutlery, wine bottles and crystals.

A packaging success story, Winbox Co Ltd appears to be on track for another successful era.


Winbox Co Ltd
Ching Cheong Ind Bldg
1-7 Kwai Cheong Rd
Kwai Chung, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2421-5281
Fax: 852-3423-0640
Web: www.winboxhk.com