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Enterprise Vol 2, 2010: Product Feature: Hardware, Gardening, DIY Products & Building Materials

Firm Foundations

Perfect Precision
The Top Industrial Int'l Ltd supplies CNC precision metal parts, machining precision engineering plastic parts, special screws, fasteners and much more. They come in various materials, including aluminium, brass, bronze alloy, copper, steel, stainless steel, titanium and engineering plastic. The products are used in instruments, electronic and electrical appliances, hardware, toys, fixtures, medical devices, video, audio, lighting, optical and other products


Pretty Planters
Eye-catching designs and colours typify the collection of fibreglass planters available from China Chain Int'l Ltd, which also offers other garden products including pedestals, wall accents, display ornaments and artificial ferns. They find happy buyers in North America


Braving The Elements
Aluminium windows from Hang Yue Aluminium Steel Engineering Co Ltd boast double-frame, dual thermoplastic strip designs that enhance windstopping, waterproofing, and soundproofing functions. Multipoint locking systems, five-screw bar hinges and friction stays ensure sturdiness and safety while preventing sash dislodgement

Firm Foundations

Good Grip
This iron wall plate, zinc alloy knob and handles in both metals come from Eternal Dragon Int'l Ltd, which designs and produces a wide range of furniture handles and knobs, home decorative items and bathroom accessories for North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia


Hands On
These ladies' multipurpose gloves with spandex backs and synthetic, goatskin or pigskin palms are highlights of the vast array of working, gardening and mechanics' gloves available from Ying's Gloves Mfg Co Ltd

Firm Foundations

Super Secure
Easy-code push-button door locks and artificial crystal mortise knobs reflect the sophisticated designs of Kin Kei Hardware Industries Ltd security products, which include zinc alloy combination cabinet locks as well as ceramic and crystal knobs and handles for doors and cabinets


Photography by Kwok Tim


China Chain Int'l Ltd
Rm 6B21, 6/F
New East Sun Ind Bldg
18 Shing Yip St
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-3115-2823
Fax: 852-3176-8989
Email: info@chinachainintl.com
Web: www.chinachainintl.com
Year Established: 2005
Major Product Categories: fibreglass planters
Own Brands & Certificates: -
Minimum Order: -
Monthly Production: 2 containers
Delivery Time: 35 days
Factory Size & Location: Dongguan
Workforce: -

Eternal Dragon Int'l Ltd
Eternal Dragon Int'l Ltd
Units 2101-2, Blk B
New Trade Plaza
6 On Ping St
Sha Tin, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2410-0556
Fax: 852-2424-4223
Email: info@edi.com.hk
Web: www.edi.com.hk
Year Established: 1999
Major Product Categories: design and manufacture of zinc alloy furniture handles and knobs, home decorative and bathroom accessories, photo frames and all kinds of metal products
Own Brands & Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Minimum Order: 1,000 pieces per colour per item
Monthly Production: 2 million pieces
Delivery Time: 30 days
Factory Size & Location: 7,000 square metres;
Huizhou and Shenzhen
Workforce: -

Hang Yue Aluminium Steel
Engineering Co Ltd
Shop H, G/F
Lucky Horse Ind Bldg
64 Tong Mi Rd
Mong Kok, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2517-1611
Fax: 852-2858-2085
Email: admin@hangyue.com.hk
Web: www.hangyuealum.biz.com.hk
Year Established: 1990
Major Product Categories: aluminium windows and doors
Own Brands & Certificates: V3
Minimum Order: 1,000 pieces per design
Monthly Production: 100,000 pieces
Delivery Time: 60-90 days
Factory Size & Location: 20,000 square metres; Guangdong
Workforce: -

Kin Kei Hardware Industries Ltd
Rm 704
Eastern Centre
1065 King's Rd
Tai Koo
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2561-6788
Fax: 852-2563-9115
Email: info@hardware.com.hk
Web: www.hardware.com.hk
Year Established: 1973
Major Product Categories: locks and security hardware products
Own Brands & Certificates: Volar
Minimum Order: US$4,000 per shipment
Monthly Production: -
Delivery Time: about 45 days upon receipt of payment
Factory Size & Location: Zhongshan, Zheijang
Workforce: -

The Top Industrial Int'l Ltd
Unit 302, 3/F
Vanta Ind Centre
21-33 Tai Lin Pai Rd
Kwai Chung, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2429-2151
Fax: 852-2480-6037
Email: topind@ctimail.com
Web: www.thetop.com.hk
Year Established: 1980
Major Product Categories: CNC precision metal
parts, machining precision engineering plastic
parts, special screws and fasteners
Own Brands & Certificates: -
Minimum Order: 10 pieces (tailor-made items), 10,000-50,000 pieces (standard items)
Monthly Production: -
Delivery Time: minimun 1 week, depending on product specifications
Factory Size & Location: 50,000 square feet
Workforce: 100

Ying's Glove Mfg Co Ltd
Rm 903
Kwong Kin Trade Centre
5 Kin Fat St
Tuen Mun, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2463-9338
Fax: 852-2463-8100
Email: ywah@netvigator.com
Web: www.yingwahgloves.com
Year Established: 2007
Major Product Categories: leather working
gloves, gardening gloves, mechanics' gloves
Own Brands & Certificates: -
Minimum Order: 2,000 pairs
Monthly Production: 12,000 dozen
Delivery Time: 45 days
Factory Size & Location: 20,000 square feet
Workforce: 250
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