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Enterprise Vol 4, 2010: Sponsored Feature: Neo-Neon LED Lighting Int'l Ltd

LEDs Light It
LEDs Light It

With a glittering track record, Neo-Neon Holdings Ltd Co continues to dazzle the market with new, bright ideas for cutting-edge, eco-friendly LED lighting.

The 33-year-old, Hong Kong-listed company lays claim to a string of titles, including:

  • the world’s largest decorative lighting manufacturer
  • the world’s largest vertically integrated LED lighting manufacturer
  • the first company in the world to mass-produce and market LED ribbon flex lights
  • the first company in the world to market a complete range of white-LED-based, solid-state lighting (SSL) for general, commercial, consumer and DIY uses
  • a global leader in white SSL production

“I can think of no other product that offers greater potential for profitability and environmental protection than white solid-state lighting, which is our current focus,” says Chairman Ben Fan, a visionary businessman who has won numerous industrialist and entrepreneurial awards.

Through subsidiary Neo-Neon LED Lighting Int’l Ltd, the enterprise is marketing a new range of white SSL items that utilise small-package surface-mount-device (SMD) 3528 white LEDs and are designed for consumer and DIY use, augmenting the group’s huge portfolio of white SSL for general and commercial purposes.

The new collection includes the Cerenity Series of ceramicbased direct replacement bulbs. “They deliver tighter binning capabilities, higher yields and likely also higher luminosity (as measured in lumens) than non-ceramic models,” explains Mr Fan.

“Ceramic materials are by far the most efficient for LED thermal management.”

Small-package SMD 3528 white LEDs are also used in the company’s latest aluminium bulbs and the LED Contour Series of direct-to-mains flexible tape lights, including both low- and highvoltage (HV) versions.

“Unlike similar products on the market, the LED Contour HV Series connects direct to the mains for retrofit to replace cold cathode and fluorescent lights,” notes Mr Fan.

“It uses the building’s existing wiring, is easy to install and leads to significant energy savings and reduced maintenance costs compared with cold cathode and fluorescent models.”

Neo-Neon’s LED products cover a wide range, including:

  • street, bridge, tunnel and public area illumination
  • recessed downlights
  • direct replacement bulbs
  • T5 and T8 tubes
  • troughers
  • embedded accents
  • wall, sconce, track, pendant and flush mounts
  • security lighting
  • light engines
  • architectural, entertainment and decorative items
  • LED chips and packages

Neo-Neon manufactures end-products and their component chips with state-of-the-art equipment, mostly at its 900,000-square-metre main factory in Heshan on the Chinese mainland but also at a recently commissioned facility near Hanoi in Vietnam.

“We are currently among the world’s top six companies in terms of the number of LED technology patents held. In China, we are estimated to be in the top three in terms of luminosity efficacy for chip production and are well on our way to take the lead, too,” claims Mr Fan.

Far from resting on its laurels, the company plans to set up new R&D centres on the mainland and in Taiwan. It also aims to increase its monthly chip output to more than 30,000 wafers by the end of 2010 and the number of Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition machines to 80-plus in the next five years.

Neo-Neon has recently formed an international sales team in Hong Kong, where it is opening a 30,000-square-foot showroom.

With such business vision and commitment to innovation, Neo-Neon looks certain to shine even brighter in the years to come.

Neo-Neon LED Lighting Int’l Ltd (HKEX 1868, TDR 911868)
All Telephone Enquiries: +(86) 750-831-8000
Website: www.neo-neon.com Email: sales@neo-neon.com
Factory Address: Gong He Town, He Shan City, Guang Dong, PRC 529728