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Glamorous Boxes(HKTDC Packaging, Vol 02,2005)

Vol.2 2005

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Glamorous Boxes
Glamour Box Mfg Ltd

Glamorous Boxes

Glamour Box Mfg Ltd

Glamour Box Mfg Ltd specialises in designing and producing stylish and beautifully hand-crafted jewellery boxes
Women's obsession with jewellery is an open secret, but what is less known is their passion for stylish and beautifully hand-crafted boxes to house their treasures.

Glamour Box Mfg Ltd, as its name suggests, has made a specialty of designing and producing jewellery boxes, display stands and bags for precious keepsakes.

"We seek to come up with young, vibrant and glamorous designs featuring beautiful craftsmanship," explains supervisor Kelly Yeung.

Glamour Box's commitment to superior craftsmanship and excellent service has enabled it to provide quality products for the middle- to high-end market segments. "These strengths help the company to stand out from the crowd and compete with other firms in the industry," maintains Yeung.

In the beginning, the company's customers were mainly jewellery shops and traders. "In recent years we have successfully extended our reach to international brand names, and there are encouraging prospects for further expansion," says Yeung. "This sector keeps growing and will become a significant part of the company's business in future."

One area offering potentially high growth is Europe, where Glamour Box is experiencing strong demand for high-quality jewellery packaging in major markets such as Switzerland, Germany and Holland.

"The Korean market is also growing at an encouraging pace because of its strong economy and increasing demand for sophisticated packaging," Yeung adds.

Glamour Box is able to attract Japanese buyers, who are very quality-conscious. Buyers include jewellery shops that provide designs, as well as other traders, who "order boxes in different shapes like spheres and go for colour tones such as turquoise, light blue, pink, cream or even red."

Japanese buyers are highly design-conscious, tending to change designs every year and to ask for very delicate and fancy effects, says Yeung.

"They also like pearl paper and unique designs, with faux fur-covered boxes featuring animal prints a popular trend in recent years," she observes.

"Our square corner series, comprising leather-like paper or PU and metal, is well received by US buyers," reveals Yeung. "The superb craftsmanship has also won appreciation from European buyers."

These and other boxes are produced at Glamour Box's factory in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland, where the workforce's steady expansion from 300 workers to the current 800 testifies to the seven-year-old company's development.

Having its own factory gives Glamour Box total control over the entire production process, from product development and design through to sample-making and final manufacturing.

"Our strength lies in our craftsmanship," Yeung reiterates. "Most of the products are handmade and we pay special attention to every detail such as the corner areas of each jewellery box."

Glamour Box can offer buyers a choice of more than 1,000 materials, such as leather-like paper, pearl paper, velvet and PU.

"We also maintain very close relationships with clients and discuss ways to improve products, which in turn helps both sides build more confidence," Yeung notes.

"On top of OEM orders, we are also widening our presence and coming up with our own designs to win customers."

It seems picking out a heart-warming diamond ring or necklace is only part of the excitement shopping for most women, who appear equally keen on Glamour Box's jewellery containers.


Glamour Box Mfg Ltd
Flat A, 8/F
Yeung Yiu Chung (No 8)
Industrial Bldg
20 Wang Hoi Rd,
Kowloon Bay Kowloon,
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2707-0817
Fax: 852-2754-1493
Email: sales@glamourbox.com.hk
Web: www.glamourbox.com.hk

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