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Handy Holders(HKTDC Packaging, Vol 01,2008)


Plastic Bags

The core business of Yiu Wing (HK) Industrial Ltd is the design and manufacture of plastic bags, and the firm offers a full range in many different materials

The ubiquitous plastic bag is oft-slandered in the media as a root cause of many environmental woes, but it is the mainstay business for Yiu Wing (HK) Industrial Ltd.

Yiu Wing has always made simple plastic bags, usually for neighbouring manufacturers of garments, toys and electronic goods. The firm still maintains its head office in Hong Kong, while its production facilities were moved to the Chinese mainland in 1994.

"We also reorganised in order to meet increasing demand and to stay in touch with changes in our own industry and the evolution of designs in others," says Marketing and Sales Manager Jimmy Cheng. "The result is that today we are more focused on exports than domestic sales, and have a worldwide customer base that includes Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, the US and Europe."

In 2002, the company underwent further changes. "We set up a professional sales and marketing team and investigated business opportunities via the Internet," says Mr Cheng. "Subsequently, we became quite active and set up our website long before many of our competitors. We also advertised in Hong Kong Trade Development Council magazines, and on Yahoo and Google."

The firm also brought in new processes such as silk-screen printing and high-quality webbing. "We also have hi-tech machinery for cutting that enables us to manufacture more complicated products with special types of sealing," says Mr Cheng.

The core business is the design and manufacture of plastic bags, and the firm offers a full range of polybags and shopping bags made from materials such as PP, PE, PPE, PO, IPP, BOPP and PVC. Customers include garment manufacturers, toys manufacturers, fashion stores, US and European super malls and international clothing chain stores.

Production is divided into several lines, including shopping bags, packing bags, PVC and EVA products and non-woven bags, and Mr Cheng says that all items are of high quality and meet relevant international safety standards.

"In terms of quality control and quality management, all products are thoroughly tested and usually come with certification for being non-flammable, resistant to discolouring and free from toxic elements such as lead," he claims.

"Our plastic bags are produced to meet market demand for oxo-biodegradable plastic bags as consumers are increasingly aware that tonnes of plastic waste is being disposed of everyday across the world," explains Mr Cheng.

"This plastic refuse, in addition to other rubbish, is sent to landfills and buried underground, where it can remain even 10 years later due to its non-degradable properties. This uses up valuable land resources, and we are doing our part to alleviate that."

Yiu Wing also differentiates recyclable from biodegradable. "All of our bags are recyclable," says Mr Cheng. "However, faced with market demand and increasing environmental awareness, we looked into oxo-biodegradable bags rather than just recyclable ones."

Thus far, the company has been producing degradable plastic bags for about seven years, and is a P-Life approved manufacturer. "We incorporate 100% totally-degradable plastic additives during the manufacture of our plastic products," says Mr Cheng. "Technically, we can say that this leads to the closely-knit carbon and hydrogen atoms disintegrating in a controlled way over a short time and under natural conditions."

As a result, the process turns the once-strong, tough and flexible plastic product into brittle fragments that eventually disintegrate into water and carbon dioxide. "This makes the technology a cost-effective total solution to the problem of plastic pollution," he claims.

Mr Cheng also reveals that plastic bag production sometimes entails a lot of manual labour. "Whereas the cost of a simple bag is 90% in the plastic material used, with a more sophisticated bag 50% is in the materials, 30% in the use of hi-tech machines and 20% from the labour input."

Yiu Wing exports about 20% of its total production and its main market is Europe. "The US has anti-dumping rules that impose a 78% surcharge on plastic bags from China, so no manufacturer will export directly to the US. In Europe, there is a lower surcharge of 10% to 20%, while some bags for heavy goods have no surcharge at all."

They may be simple products, but Yiu Wing (HK) Industrial Ltd is clearly determined to make its plastic bags simply the best.



Yiu Wing (HK) Industrial Ltd
Rm 11, 3/F
Sing Win Fty Bldg
15-17 Shing Yip St
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2344-0455
Fax: 852-2343-7525
Web: www.ywpolybags.com
Year Established: 1989
Major Product Categories:
PP, PE, PPE, PO, IPP (PPU), BOPP, PVC, EVA, PEVA, non-woven bags
Brands & Certificates: ISO 9001
Minimum Order: 5,000 pieces
Monthly Production: 500 metric tonnes/500
Delivery Time: 10-14 days
Factory Size & Location: 200,000 square feet, Dongguan
Workforce: 1,000