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September 1997

HK Enterprise Internet

Display Boxes

Tin Boxes

Paper Bags

Bilster Packaging

Display Boxes

PACKAGING can make or break a product, both literally and in marketing terms. Display boxes show goods at their best, and Hong Kong manufacturers are well aware of the need to provide top-quality display packaging for everything, from food to frills and fripperies.

Fung Hang Printing Co Ltd has been in the printing business for 18 years. "Our major products are packaging boxes and display cards," says managing director Li Kin Cheung. "We make a lot of other paper items, including limp books, instruction manuals and stationery.

"Hong Kong is our major market at the moment, mostly with long-term printing contracts for the government. But we are aiming to expand our overseas business, which currently focuses on the UK, Australia and Switzerland."

Prices for the see-through window boxes are HK$1 FOB Hong Kong for the small box and HK$1.10 for the larger box, based on an order size of 10,000 boxes. According to Li, Fung Hang operates a 30-worker factory in Hong Kong, imposes no minimum order and usually delivers 15 days after order confirmation.

Fung Hang's raw materials are paper-based. The least expensive supplies come from Germany and Indonesia; better-quality products are from Hong Kong and South Korea; and the most expensive paper comes from Japan and Finland.

Another company specialising in paper products is Kwong Tai Printing Co. "We have been operating since 1984 and have a wealth of experience in all kinds of printed cards, display boxes and paper bags," states spokesperson Irene Cheung. "In the coming year we are looking to develop our own gift line, including lipstick boxes and letter racks, but we are always happy to do customers' own designs."

There is no minimum order, according to Cheung, as this depends on the style and complexity of the design. Delivery usually takes 15-30 days after confirmation of order.

"Tailor-made PVC products are our speciality," says Josephine Chow, marketing executive for Hip Sing Products Fty. Founded in 1988, the company produces five million packaging units every month. "Our best-selling PVC products are cylinders and irregular-design boxes," she says.

Chow believes the main reason for Hip Sing's rapid expansion is that its products are good value for money. "Many of our customers come to us through word-of-mouth. Our major clients are local manufacturers in the toy, garment and electronics industries. PVC is the most commonly used packaging material, but we can also offer PETG, which although is more expensive, is more environmentally friendly and can be recycled."

Hip Sing's factory in Shenzhen, mainland China, employs 200 workers and offers both silk-screen printing and hot stamping facilities. "There is no minimum order size as it depends on the quality and delivery time required by the customer," says Chow.

"Our aim is to make your packaging perfect," claims Thomas Chan, sales manager for Perfectech Int'l Ltd. The company, founded in 1984, offers both acrylic and paper products. "We have a full range of display and packaging products, everything from ridge PVC boxes to high-quality paper cartons."

Perfectech's factory in Shenzhen, on the mainland, employs more than 1,000 workers. Its production facilities include vacuum forming, offset printing and silk-screening. "We have recently invested in a six-colour offset printing machine with UV feature," says Chan.

Unit prices for acetate boxes range from HK$0.64 to HK$1.48 FOB Hong Kong. Delivery takes 15-30 days after confirmation of order.

New Island Printing Co Ltd not only has ISO 9001 certification, but is also an award-winning printing and packaging company. "In April this year, we won two international awards for excellence at the Chicago Package Printing and Converting Competition," says marketing manager Samson Chan.

Founded in 1965, the company produces packaging for a wide range of companies, from toy manufacturers to publishers. All sorts of products go into New Island's packaging: food, cosmetics, cigarettes, premiums, stationery, card sets and photograph albums, to mention but a few.

New Island's head office in Hong Kong employs 250 staff and specialises in providing advanced printing technology to customers, while the Dongguan factory on the mainland concentrates on delicate hand-assembly work and keeps another 1,000 employees busy. "In June 1996 we started production in our Shanghai factory, which will offer gravure and offset printing services," Chan says.

New Island's main markets are in Asia, as well as the US and Europe. Mainland China is emerging as a particularly strong market. The minimum order depends on the product and the production process, and the delivery is shipped according to clients' requirements.

For a complete design concept, Phace Int'l Hong Kong is hard to beat. "We offer creative design consultancy, specialising in different areas of graphic design: corporate identity, retail graphics, packaging, promotions and printing," explains director Clara Lam.

"Companies often come to us if they want to revamp their image, and we help them through the whole process, from the initial research right through to annual reports. We have even been involved in co-ordinating the opening of new shops for one company."

Founded in 1990, Phace has an impressive list of customers, including Eu Yan Sang (Hong Kong), Jones Lang Wootton Hong Kong and Ronald Lu & Partners Architects (HK) Ltd. Marketing specialists in Hong Kong know that it is often the packaging that sells the product as much as the product itself.

Written by Suzanne Rayment

Tin Boxes

FROM candy tins and pencil cases to coffee tins and optical cases, Hong Kong manufacturers produce an extensive range of attractive and sturdy tin boxes. Perfect for packaging or for sale as fancy goods, tin boxes are also ideal premium products, which are kept long after their contents have been used or consumed.

"Our company offers real ability to fulfil the requirements of our clients. Because we have both European and Chinese management, we believe that we are able to relate very closely to our clients' needs," says JF Joubert, managing director of T&J Can Fty Ltd.

Established in 1992, T&J manufactures tin plate boxes for the packaging and promotion market. It has very strong markets in Europe and also exports to the US, Japan and New Zealand.

"One of the key factors in the manufacture of tin boxes is quality materials, and we import electrolytically treated tin plate from Japan, the US and [South] Korea, according to our clients' quality requirements," says Joubert. "We are pleased to produce tin boxes according to our clients' designs and are also one of the few Hong Kong tin manufacturers which has its own printing line. This means that we have total control over production schedules and delivery times."

T&J sets a minimum order of 3,000-10,000, depending on the box size, with delivery in 30-75 days after confirmation of order. Prices for its extensive range of tin boxes are available on request.

Grand Design Co specialises in the design of tin boxes. "We are a full-service design company and are very strong in creative design," says creative director Grand So. Established in 1988, Grand Design is licensed to design tin boxes for Suchard, Sugus and Milka. "We have a strong commercial orientation, and this is reflected in our high profile Hong Kong and [mainland] China client base. We can produce artwork while working closely with our clients, or we can work quite independently, depending on their requirements," So says.

Grand Design offers a one-stop design service -- from concept to finished artwork -- and also extends its services to the creation of corporate identity. "We are specialists in our field, and are proud to work to the highest standards of design and customer relations," concludes So.

Eliza Chan, general manager of Yue-Yin Can Ltd, says: "We started producing tin boxes in 1978, and today we manufacture OEM and also under licence for a number of international sweet and cookie companies." Yue-Yin has more than 30 tin-box moulds, and is able to design and manufacture a wide range of shapes and designs according to clients' specifications.

"We also create our own designs for novelty and seasonal tin boxes, including Easter, Christmas and Valentine's products, and we use tin plate from [South] Korea, Brazil, the Philippines, UK or Japan, depending on the quality required by our client," says Chan.

The main market is the US, but the company also exports to Europe, particularly Germany and the Netherlands. Yue-Yin has its sales and marketing base in Hong Kong and manufacturing facility on the mainland.

Prices for its tin boxes range from HK$6 to HK$20 per item. Minimum order is 5,000-10,000, depending on the size of the tin, and delivery takes 45 days after confirmation of order.

Colour Honest Ind Ltd was established in 1995 and today has a monthly production of 800,000 units. It has its own cutting, printing, coating and manufacturing facilities, and also supplies elecrolytic tin plate material to the trade.

"We produce very high quality tin products, including a wide range of our own and OEM tin boxes for the premium, packaging and fancy trade. Because we carry out every stage of design and production in-house, we have complete control over quality and deadlines," says general manager Patrick Wong.

"We use only the best quality tin plate for our tin boxes, which we export to Europe, the US and [mainland] China," says Wong.

The company produces its own designs and also manufactures to clients' specifications. Prices for its tin boxes range from US$0.25 to US$0.75 each FOB Hong Kong, for a minimum order of 5,000-20,000, depending on the size of the boxes. Delivery time is 60 days, or less if tooling for the product already exists.

Raymond Watt, marketing and sales executive of Monterey Int'l Co Ltd, says: "We are under licence to manufacture tin boxes for Coca-Cola, Disney, Nabisco, Hershey, Gillette and Oreo. We also produce our own designs and welcome ideas from our new and existing customers."

While its main market is the US, Monterey also exports extensively to Belgium, Germany, France, Singapore and Malaysia. Its marketing headquarters is in Hong Kong, and its factory in mainland China produces more than three million units per month. "Because we have a high turnover, we are able to offer very competitive prices, and because we do everything in-house we are able to meet our production and delivery deadlines efficiently," says Watt.

FOB Hong Kong prices for Monterey's tin boxes are available on request. The minimum order is 5,000 units, for delivery in 30-60 days after confirmation of order.

Written by Judy Smith

Paper Bags

UNTIL recently, the paper bag manufacturing sector was in the doldrums in the face of tough competition from the ubiquitous plastic bag. Until, that is, environmental concerns sparked an increase in demand for recycled and recyclable paper products. The paper bag manufacturing industry is now flourishing in Hong Kong, where paper shopping and gift bags come in an array of innovative designs, finishes and materials, and at competitive prices.

Recycled paper products are popular with environmen-talists, leading to a growing demand for these items. Ijen Enterprises Ltd has capitalised on this demand by producing a range of 100% recycled paper bags. "We export a lot of recycled paper products, including paper bags, to Europe where environmental issues are important," says assistant export manager Tony Kam.

Ijen also produces corrugated paper bags for Tough Jeans Ltd, shopping bags for Fendi and Salvatore Ferragamo, and handmade paper bags. "We import art paper from Japan or [South] Korea, recycled paper from [mainland] China, and handmade paper from India," says Kam.

The company, which manufactures one million paper bags monthly at its factories on mainland China and Hong Kong, won a Hong Kong Print Award in 1995 for the print quality of its paper bags.

Ijen stipulates a 3,000-piece minimum order for export to its main markets in the US, UK and Australia. Delivery is within 45 days of receipt of order confirmation.

The range of attractive paper bags from Focal Paper Products Fty also includes recycled models. "We make a lot of recycled paper bags, especially for our markets in Europe and the US," says manager KH Lee. He adds that Focal also exports to Japan and Australia, as well as having local customers in Hong Kong.

Lee is the ideas man at Focal, which offers many innovative products. "We recently designed and developed a fluted cardboard bag on which we can print absolutely anything. Of course, custom designs are cordially welcomed," says Lee.

Focal imports recycled paper, art paper and board paper from different sources worldwide. The company sets a 3,000-piece minimum order and delivers within 45 days of receipt of order confirmation.

As the name of the company suggests, the art paper shopping bags produced by Perfect Color Printing Ltd are colourful indeed and printed on laminated glossy art paper. The company manufactures a range of shopping bags in different sizes, including a novel wine shopping bag.

With annual sales turnover exceeding HK$5m, the company sets a minimum order of 3,000 per item or a minimum mixed-order shipment worth US$5,000. Local delivery takes 21 days, while delivery to export markets in the US, UK, Japan, Australia, Germany and Italy is within 45 days of confirmation.

"Strength is an important consideration when making shopping bags, especially for a product such as the wine shopping bag. All our bags are laminated which not only strengthens the bag, but also gives a better four-colour printing finish," explains export supervisor Raymond Leung.

The glossy laminated printed paper shopping bags and gift bags made by Adams Paper Bags & Printing Products Co also have colourful eye-catching designs. Says manager Tse Yick Keung: "We have our own in-house designers, and we also accept customers' own designs and offer offset colour printing services."

Adams produces more than 600,000 bags per month at its mainland factory. Its minimum order is 5,000 pieces, for delivery within 4-5 weeks to its European and US markets, says Tse.

Hayson (HK) Enterprises Ltd specialises in the production of innovative glossy gift bags with attached name tags, some of which have a seasonal theme such as a Santa Claus motif.

Hayson imports high-quality 140-157 gsm art paper -- which is the normal weight for bags, although they can be made heavier or lighter -- from Japan and South Korea. It sets a 5,000-piece minimum order. Export markets are Europe and the US, and delivery takes 30-45 days after receipt of order confirmation.

"Our bags are mostly designed for a major customer in the US, which is our largest market," says assistant to director, Carrie Law. "They commission a professional designer for the paper bags, send the artwork to us, and we then manufacture them at our factories in mainland China, where we employ about 1,100 workers. We also export to countries in Europe such as the UK, Spain and Finland."

While most of Hayson's bags are made of glossy laminated paper, "we can also use other materials such as recycled paper or any other material that the customer requests", explains Law.

In terms of quality, cost-efficiency, innovation and flexibility in response to customers' changing needs, Hong Kong is a world leader in the manufacture and export of paper carriers.

Written by John Fox

Bilster Packaging

FOR many companies packaging is an element essential to the finished product - packaging not only protects but is integral to the display of a product. Blister packaging is one of the most popular forms of packaging today and is widely used across industries, from pharmaceuticals to fast food. Hong Kong's packaging industry continues to be a major source of blister packs.

Established in 1990, Hoi Lee Ind Co Ltd manufactures about two million units of blister packaging each month, predominantly for the electronic, toy and household goods industries. "We can produce packaging tailor-made to fit any products our customers wish to package," says director Kwok Shek Yuen.

Hoi Lee has a manufacturing base in mainland China where it uses raw materials, including PVC, PET and PS, all sourced from Taiwan. "Our quality is always very good, prices competitive and service excellent. We have no minimum order requirement, and delivery time and prices are dependent on each customer's individual requirements," says Kwok.

Best Pack Enterprises Co, also set up in 1990, exclusively produces blister packs. Output is in excess of 300,000 items per month, produced at its 20,000-square-foot factory on the mainland. "Best Pack can basically produce blister packs to cater for any requirement a customer may have. Our major customers are electronics and food manufacturers based locally and in [mainland] China," says manager Richard Lai.

Best Pack's minimum order is 5,000 units and delivery is within two weeks of design approval and order confirmation. Prices depend on the order size and design requirements. "We produce our packaging using high-quality materials, including PVC and PET. Best Pack has an excellent reputation for service and our prices are very competitive," says Lai.

Gold-Up Packing & PVC Plastic Box Mfy Co Ltd produces a large variety of packaging materials, and its monthly production of more than 600,000 units includes a wide range of blister packaging. "We provide blister packaging to all types of industry and are very happy to produce any design which a customer may require -- either to their design or one we can do for them," says manager Zoe Yeung. "All our marketing activities are based in Hong Kong, with our manufacturing carried out in [mainland] China."

Minimum order is 10,000 units, and delivery is within 14 days of order confirmation. Prices depend on order size and specific requirements. "We use high-quality PVC from Taiwan for our blister packaging. Our major customers are based in the US and Europe, and they return to us because of our very good quality, prices and service," concludes Yeung.

Pharmtech (HK) Ltd specialises in providing packs to the pharmaceutical industry. Director Joanna Li explains: "Pharmtech is dedicated to producing high-quality packaging to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, toiletry and health-food industries. Our products are innovative and comply with the Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practice, with standards set by the World Health Organisation."

Pharmtech has a wide range of international and local clients, with major customers based in the Far East. It produces more than 4.5 million blister packs per month. "We have a licence for the manufacture of these products, issued by the [Hong Kong] Department of Health, and have been producing specialised blister packs for over 15 years. Our staff are all very experienced in packaging production and are very capable of producing all kinds of blister packs for any industry which requires this type of packaging," says Li.

Sales, marketing and manufacturing are all carried out in Hong Kong at a 50,000-square-foot site with 100 workers. Raw materials such as PVC, PVDC and aluminium foil all come from Europe. Pharmtech asks for a 20,000-piece minimum order and delivers within 14 days of receipt of the bulk goods for packing. Prices depend on individual orders.

Tak Ming Packing Product Co Ltd has been producing all types of blister packaging for more than 25 years. "Our client base is very wide -- we produce blister packs for toy, electronics and food manufacturers. Blister packs provide excellent protection for gifts and accessories, and also play a very important part in their display," explains sales co-ordinator Winnie Lai.

Producing more than 350 tonnes of blister packaging each month from PVC, PP, PETG and PS, the company sets a minimum order of HK$30,000. "Tak Ming has an excellent reputation and history. We can provide a large variety of samples for our customers immediately, and have the added advantage of [having] a manufacturer of PVC based opposite our factory in [mainland] China, thus enabling orders of any size to be dealt with rapidly," says Lai.

Tak Ming manufactures for customers worldwide, with major export clients based in the US, Japan, Canada and Europe. "We offer a delivery time of just one week for standard items such as fast-food trays or products we have manufactured previously, and four weeks if it's a product which needs to be designed prior to manufacture," Lai says. As with all packaging orders, prices depend on quantity and individual requirements.

Written by Simon Saunders

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