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March 1999

HK Enterprise Internet

Giftwrap & Accessories

Blister Packaging

Polybag Packaging

Watch Display Cases/ Gift Boxes

Giftwrap & Accessories

For gift-giving it is not just the thought that counts; presentation is important, too. No matter what the occasion, suppliers offer a range of colourful and innovative giftwrap and trimmings to meet every packaging need.

For traditional giftwrap designs, Springfield Printing Co Ltd offers a line of printed wrapping paper to suit virtually every occasion. The range includes everything from sophisticated blue and gold motifs to fun, colourful and educational patterns for kids, and festive-theme designs - under the One Heart brand name - for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and other events. The firm turns out about three million sheets per month at its mainland China factory.

Company president John Lo says, "The most popular styles are always for everyday use. Styles that can be used for all occasions.

"The company exports mainly to the US, Europe and the Middle East, and sources paper in Hong Kong and Indonesia. Printed sheets come in a variety of sizes, the largest being 28x40 inches, and there is no standard order quantity. Prices vary depending on sheet size and printed design. Delivery takes 30-45 days after order confirmation.

The award-winning Ijen Enterprises Ltd produces a series of artfully designed giftwrap. Founded in 1980, the company received Hong Kong Print awards in 1991, 1995 and 1997 for packaging printing.

Ijen also manufactures decorative tissue paper to add a finishing touch to gift packages, gift bags and baskets. The tissue paper can be used for giftwrap, creative play, appliqués, paper sculptures, collages, posters or artificial flowers, and is available in blue, pink and red patterns.

Marketing officer Helen Ho says the company's products, which are produced at its 4,000-square-metre factory on the mainland, can be used all year round and are very popular in gift shops in the US, UK and Australia. The company sources high-quality poster paper for giftwrap from Japan and tissue paper from mainland China and the Czech Republic.

Minimum orders are 5,000 giftwrap sheets measuring 27x39 inches per design, and 10,000 pieces of tissue paper per design. Prices range from US$0.17 to US$0.72 FOB Hong Kong per sheet and delivery takes 30-45 days after order confirmation.

Wah Ho Packaging Materials Ltd has an innovative collection of all-natural and recycled giftwrap that looks as if it has been peeled off a forest floor. Merchandising manager Alice Chiu says the coarse, textured sheets are made entirely by hand and can even be sun-dried at the buyer's request. "We recycle and clean waste paper products and then press the new paper product with natural flowers, grasses and leaves from [mainland] China," Chiu says.

Marketed under the Merry Go Round brand name, the standard sheet size is 31x22 inches, although Chiu says the company will accommodate special orders. "We can make customised sizes for notebook covers, stationery sets, envelopes and greeting cards, for example," Chiu says, adding that trial orders can be arranged because the handmade manufacturing process is easily adaptable to smaller quantities.

The company produces 300,000 pieces per month at its mainland China factory and exports mainly to the US and Europe. Minimum order is 20,000 sheets and each sheet is priced at US$0.98 FOB Hong Kong. Delivery takes about 30 days after order confirmation.

Keyswin Development Ltd exports a line of speciality paper to meet unique packaging and decorative requirements. For food packaging it offers durable, white grease-proof paper. Cellophane, in a sheet size of 90x100cm, is for perishables and comes in red, pink, blue, purple, green, yellow, orange and clear.

The company also offers crepe paper in a 50x217cm folded roll, in a wide range of colours for adding decorative finishing touches to gift packages and baskets. Aluminium paper in a sheet size of 20x26 inches comes in gold, blue, red and green, and is a shiny, durable wrap for gift boxes. Aluminium paper board in sheet size of 31x43 inches is strong, colourful and heavy enough to construct party favours and paper toys.

Glassine paper in sheet size of 50x70cm comes in translucent white and red, and is traditionally used for divider sheets in photo albums and for wrapping firecrackers. MG bleached sulphite paper is commonly used as a general packaging wrap and filler.

Founded in 1982, the company's major export markets are Sweden, Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador. All products are made in mainland China. Minimum order value is US$5,000, and delivery takes 30 days after order confirmation.

To top off a package, Nan Mei Decorative Ribbons Co Ltd produces a wide range of colourful and reusable plastic ribbons and bows under the Lanee Great brand name. Ribbons come in purple or red plastic with a white, lacy stripe down the centre and in 32mm-wide by three-yard-long spools, or with a pink and yellow floral print in 32mm-wide by 25-yard-long spools.

Bows come in purple, pink and white with a lacy stripe and tails; pink, yellow and green with tails; or purple with tails and shiny gold-coloured stripes. Mini-sized red bows are available for smaller packages. The company also offers a multi-pack of thin ribbons in red, purple, green, gold and silver, each in 20-metre-long balls.

Production is carried out at its 40,000-square-foot factory in Shenzhen, on the mainland. About 90% of plastic materials are sourced on the mainland, with the remainder coming from Taiwan and Japan.

Minimum order is US$8,000 and delivery takes 30-45 days after order confirmation. Major markets are the US, Asia and South America.

Written by Terry Dunne

Blister Packaging

BLISTER-PACKED consumer products pour forth from Hong Kong manufacturers' gateways. But who manufactures the blister packaging?

One company that does is Run On Ltd, founded in 1988. It uses PVC, PET, OPS, PS, PP, ABS and PE to manufacture blister packaging. Response is quick because its office and factory are in Hong Kong. Typical blister tray products are priced between US$0.17 and US$0.48 each FOB Hong Kong.

A minimum export order is sufficient to fill one 40-foot container, and a minimum local order is 10,000 pieces. Delivery takes 15-45 days, and major markets are Hong Kong, Japan and the US.

Director Jackson Ngo says flexibility is important: "We deal with many different industries. The technical differences are not so great, and our engineers can design the correct product for any customer."

Choy Man Cheung, manager for Hang Tai Packaging Material Co, says the company concentrates on servicing manufacturers in mainland China with blister packaging. "We operate in several industries Ñ food, kitchen appliances, electronics Ñ but we see ourselves as a supplier to Hong Kong and [mainland] Chinese manufacturing. Client interface is important and we have a team of 10 technical staff to work out a precise response to customers' requirements," says Choy, who is an engineer.

A sampling of products, from vacuum-formed trays to clamshell boxes, exemplify some of Hang Tai's manufacturing abilities. The company was founded in 1982 and makes about five million pieces of blister packaging and PVC bags and boxes per month at its 30,000-square-foot, 200-worker factory in Guangdong, on the mainland. Minimum order is 10,000 pieces, for delivery in 10 days.

Chi Shing (HK) Industrial Co Ltd is a 23-year-old manufacturer of blister products whose principal markets are the US, Germany and Japan. It sources PVC, PP, PE and BOPS from Japan and the mainland, and manufactures some materials in-house.

Products vary, ranging from a 10cm-high hinged vertical clamshell, to 50-hole and 25-hole blister trays. Prices depend on the product and quantity.

"Our blister packaging is part of an integrated packaging and printing operation. We supply blister principally to manufacturers' agents from the food, electronics and toy industries," says Sonia Tsang, assistant to the managing director.

Chi Shing has a technical staff of 20, and employs a total of 1,000 workers. "Sometimes to achieve an overseas standard we have to re-tool production lines Ñ but we have the expertise," Tsang says.

Formed in 1992, Jianli Vacuum Forming Co produces one million pieces of blister packaging per month, with a minimum order of 5,000-10,000 pieces and delivery in 14 days. It exports to the US, UK, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, while sourcing raw materials from Taiwan, Malaysia and the mainland. Its 30,000-square-foot factory in Shenzhen, on the mainland, employs 60 workers and 10 quality control staff.

Jianli manufactures blister products principally for the food market, such as a sectioned dish with a top, a gold-coloured blister tray, clear-topped white box, basic clamshell, rectangular package, light formed dish, and customised box with compartments.

"Our price range is between US$0.20 and US$0.50 FOB Hong Kong, and price principally depends on size," says general manager Yee Aikee.

Best Pack Enterprises Co, established in 1986, makes blister packaging, bubble sheet, EPE sheet and plastic bags. Delivery takes 5-10 days to its principal clients, which are Hong Kong and Japanese manufacturers on the mainland.

The company sources PVC, PET, PP and PS from Taiwan and South Korea, and employs 140 workers at its 20,000-square-foot factory in Shenzhen, on the mainland.

"The biggest thing facing the whole packaging industry at the moment is the shift to environmentally friendly materials such as PET, PS and PP," says manager Richard Lai. "This has driven the price of these materials down by 50% in four years Ñ soon they will be cheaper than PVC."

Lai says that prices depend on many variables. "There is no standard order in our business; production is tailored to individual projects."

Written by John Newson

Polybag Packaging

POLYBAGS are a tremendously popular way of packaging products, and Hong Kong's polybag manufacturers produce everything from basic, one-coloured packaging to fancy designer-type shopping bags with handles, zipper- or drawstring-closures.

Creative Pak Industrial Co has been producing shopping bags since 1978. Marketing manager Williams Tung says: "We use LDPE and HDPE, from Japan, [South] Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. We use about the same proportion of each material."

Creative Pak churns out about 400 tonnes of bags monthly which, Tung estimates, is 50 million bags. A significant market for the company is Japan. "We are the bag supplier for almost all major airlines and duty-free shops in Japan, and also supply three of the biggest beer manufacturers," Tung says.

"We can do merchandise bags, T-shirt bags, rope-handled bags, plastic injection moulded bags, embossing, lots of different styles," Tung says. Prices vary sharply, from US$20 FOB Hong Kong for 1,000 bags to more than US$500 for 1,000, depending on customers' specifications.

An HDPE bag with a die-cut handle and fold-down top is US$65 per 1,000. An HDPE bag with a twill cotton tape handle could run up to US$175 per 1,000. Minimum order is 3,000 pieces, and delivery takes 3-6 weeks.

Hip Sing Packaging Products Fty Ltd focuses mainly on producing PVC boxes, PETG boxes and PVC soft bags for the toys, electronics, watch and garment industries. "We also provide silk-screen printing and hot stamping for both boxes and bags," says marketing executive Josephine Chow.

The company turns out about five million bags a month and sources raw materials from Taiwan and the US. Main markets are the US, Europe and mainland China. Chow says Hip Sing can add in zippers, drawstring closures, or whatever the customer requires.

Prices depend on style and material used, typically from US$6.50 to US$250 FOB Hong Kong per 1,000 bags. Minimum order is 5,000 bags.

"Our mission is value for money with best quality. We are capable of manufacturing whatever goods our clients desire. Tailor-made PVC products are our speciality," Chow says.

Using LDPE, HDPE, PP and BOPP sourced from Singapore and Saudi Arabia, Petalai Ind Ltd can make packaging in unusual shapes to meet buyers' requirements, according to a company spokesperson. "We sell mainly to toy companies. We make party bags, Hallowe'en bags," she says.

One party bag has a dog decal, and the bottom of the bag is shaped like a dog's paws. "We sell our bags around the world, but our main customers are in the US and Europe," she says.

Minimum order size is generally 10,000 bags. Petalai is certified to ISO 9002 for its mainland China factory and Hong Kong management office.

Timko Development Ltd produces PVC bags, cooler bags, and stationery and beauty sets. "We have our own factory in [mainland] China, and have our own boxing, cardboard die-cutting, heat welding, stitching and silk-screening departments," says director David Chan.

The firm uses nylon, mesh, PEVA and super-transparent PVC from Taiwan, and turns out 200,000-500,000 bags a month.

Timko's customers generally use the bags for packaging underwear, toys, stationery and cosmetics. Chan says that Timko can meet EN71 and ASTM standards, and it welcomes customers' designs and specifications.

Minimum order is generally 10,000 pieces and delivery takes 30 days. Prices vary sharply. "If the quantity is below 10,000, the price for a PVC bag might be US$0.10 each. It really depends," Chan says.

Written by Amy Freeman

Watch Display Cases/ Gift Boxes

PROTECTION and packaging are important factors for watch retailers. Display cases and gift boxes cushion watches against shock and abrasion, while accentuating their beauty and character. Hong Kong manufacturers, long renowned for their watches, also produce an assortment of watch cases and boxes in their own designs and for OEM orders.

ERS Box makes watch boxes from a wide range of materials for different market segments. "We make a variety of watch boxes, ranging from those for a single watch, three watches, five watches to a whole collection," manager Raymond Lui says.

Among the range are deluxe glossy-finish wooden models, including a square single-watch presentation box (model W007S) priced at US$7 FOB Hong Kong. For multiple watch display, the deluxe line-up includes a dark red glossy-finish wood-framed tray with eight watch slots (model WT604) selling for US$15. A dark blue glossy-finish wooden presentation box with a cross pattern on the lid (model WD9808) holds 10 watches and sells for US$20.

Lui says the glossy finish is the result of 11-15 layers of PU paint. Wood comes from the mainland and North America.

"Our customers are watch manufacturers, box wholesalers and chain stores [dealing in] watches and jewellery," Lui says. The firm's main market is Europe, although it also sells to the US, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Minimum order size is 500 units and delivery takes 60 days after order confirmation. The company, founded in 1985, runs four factories on the mainland. A 20,000-square-foot, 350-worker factory in Dongguan is dedicated to the manufacture of wooden boxes.

Among the latest products from Intercom Packaging Co Ltd is a series of dark red highly polished wooden watch boxes, including an oval box (model WI02W01) priced at US$5.30 FOB Hong Kong. Two square models, WS30W03 and WC19W02, each sell for US$5. Most of the boxes are lined with soft leather.

"Our products are in the medium price range," managing director Paul Wong says.

Minimum order is 1,000 units per model and delivery takes 45-60 days. Main market is the US. "Our customers are mainly US importers," Wong adds.

The company, founded in 1987, runs two factories in Shenzhen, on the mainland, with a total of 1,200 workers.

Best Technic Ltd focuses on innovative and unconventional watch cases. A plastic watch box (KH-70) is in the form of an Easter egg, with a colourless upper half fitted to a bottom half which can come in yellow, blue, orange, black, red, green or colourless. It has a clear watch stand inside. "The entire watch case can be made in the same colour if the customer requests," says marketing executive Shirley Wong.

"It can be used for holding candies after the watch is taken away. Its price is low and it's colourful," Wong says. It sells for US$0.35 FOB Hong Kong.

Other popular models include an all-transparent watch box, and a rectangular paper watch case with a window, which allows the contents to be seen without opening the box.

"We do everything. We produce for the high-end and the lower-end depending on the customer's requirement. We offer a full range," she says.

Plastic, paper, PU and PVC come from Taiwan, Hong Kong and the mainland. Minimum order size is 1,000 units and delivery takes three weeks.

Buyers are mostly watch manufacturers from Switzerland, Italy and the US. The company, established in 1990, has a 25,000-square-foot, 250-worker factory in Shenzhen.

Luen Fat Package Industrial Ltd makes gift and display boxes for watches using velvet paper, imitation leather paper, satin and cardboard, sourced mainly from Europe, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia.

The company produces 70,000 watch boxes a month, according to manager Nerissa Chun. Minimum order size is 5,000 items per design and delivery is within 30 days of order confirmation.

"Our customers are mainly watch manufacturers," Chun says, adding the company's main markets are Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and the Far East.

Luen Fat, set up in 1976, runs a 58,000-square-foot, 400-worker factory in Shenzhen.

Written by Liza Lee

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