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Nan Sing Plastics Ltd(HKTDC Packaging, Vol 02,2004)

Vol.2 2004

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Nan Sing Plastics Ltd
Clean Coverings

Nan Sing Plastics Ltd

Clean Coverings

Nan Sing Plastics Ltd has four specialty production lines that produce stock bags, shopping bags, food contact bags, household items and specialty items

Hygiene is on everyone's mind these days and Nan Sing Plastics Ltd is one manufacturer that is doing its bit to work towards "clean" products. The manufacturer is in the process of setting up clean facilities that adhere to the US Federal Standards 209e Class 100,000 standard at its 50,000-square-metre factory in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland.

"Production will take place in a particle-controlled room, just like in a food factory," explains deputy general manager Danny Chan. Staff entering the clean facilities will be expected to wear a special uniform and mask, and an air blow system will extract any dust that may have settled on the employee.

The facilities will primarily produce packaging for the food, pharmaceutical and electronic industries, all of which will be sealed for transportation and opened upon delivery to a similar Class 100,000 standard facility.

However, some products such as pharmaceutical packaging must adhere to a higher standard. "If the demand is there, we are prepared to invest in a superior grade standard," says Chan, adding that he foresees rising demand for clean products.

Unlike many manufacturers, the 47-year-old company, which Chan claims is the oldest in its field, focuses on specialty production lines that he believes gives it an added edge.

The 1,000-worker factory complex has specialty production lines that focus on separate products, including stock bags, shopping bags, food contact bags, household items and specialty items. "We have more than 300 items of bag and film conversion equipment that produce 40,000 metric tonnes of films, bags and specialty items annually," Chan reveals.

Nan Sing's plant boasts 102 extruders that work 24 hours manufacturing PO, PE and PP films, and more than 75 flexo and gravure printers for top quality single and multicolour prints.

The vertically integrated manufacturer offers a full range of polypacking services including design, extrusion, bag conversion, printing, quality control and an in-house logistics team.

It recently introduced recyclable non-woven bags with a cloth-like texture that can be silk-screen printed with simple designs in multi colours and are recyclable. "We are constantly looking at our product image and right now that means we need to be environmentally conscious," adds Chan.

The non-woven bags are available in two- and four-bottle bags and boutique bags. "We also produce shop carrier bags with side gussets and square bottoms for greater loading capacity," adds Chan. "They are suitable for daily use, and are ideal for carrying food or groceries."

Although Nan Sing is working hand in hand with several chemical companies to incorporate new, environmentally friendly materials into their products, Chan foresees it will be a slow process. "You need R&D and a trial and error period but we are trying to play our part."

A lot of the changes that Nan Sing is incorporating are due to buyers' expectations. "The majority of buyers now come out to inspect the facilities, rather than simply communicate by email," he notes. "So now it is important that we can show them we are able to fulfil their needs."

Customers for the ISO 9001-certified manufacturer come from the US, UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the mainland. Nan Sing also has joint ventures with the US and Japan. "We welcome tailor-made ideas," Chan says. "Create your own design for your customers and markets and we will be pleased to quote prices and delivery details."

This proactive approach reflects Nan Sing's commitment to ongoing development in order to meet its clients' needs. "We have been quoted as a master in this field and as a master we are always looking to improve," Chan concludes.


Nan Sing Plastics Ltd

2/F, Dragon House
7-7B Cameron Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2739-2038
Fax: 852-2615-7900
Email: aretafu@seapnf.com.hk
Web: www.nansing.com.hk

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