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Packaged To Perfection(HKTDC Enterprise, Vol 10,2007)

Wooden Boxes


Hech Packaging Mfg Co Ltd offers beautiful wooden boxes for watches and jewellery

Extra thought at the design stage, matched by careful attention to detail during production, makes the array of wooden boxes from Hech Packaging Mfg Co Ltd extra special.

As an example, Hech Marketing Executive Sunny Qian points to model HM250 - a special box, glossy black in appearance and patterned with rows of tiny, white stars.

This box is intended to hold two wristwatches placed side-by-side on the cushy, leather interior.

"We make this box especially for lovers," says Mr Qian. "One storage spot holds a man's watch and the other a woman's. We think it is ideal for them."

Perhaps the celestial star pattern also hints of sharing a common destiny, one written in the stars? "As a design, this box is proving very popular," Mr Qian adds.

Based in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland, Hech uses the slogan: "Your confidence, our positiveness", and bills itself as a "professional manufacturer of wooden boxes".

For example, at the recent Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair, Mr Qian proudly displayed lots of examples of Hech's ligneous boxes - not only for watches, but also for jewellery and gifts such as pens, wine or cigars.

"People who enjoy collecting watches or jewellery really appreciate the boxes," Mr Qian says, adding that the larger variety of box also proves useful and impressive as shop displays.

Many of the hinged boxes boast high-gloss finishes, while others have matt finishes. The padded interiors, ideal for high-end timepieces or precious baubles, usually sport leather or velvet padding.

The watch boxes from Hech, some with capacity for up to 16 timepieces, contain tiny pillows to cushion the contents, while many of the jewellery versions have multiple drawers. "Some boxes perform double-duty for watches and jewellery," says Mr Qian.

Model HM315, dark brown with a woodgrain pattern and a leather interior, has a circular glass window on top. It holds a single timepiece visible without opening the box.

Another model, HM273, features a matt finish, golden trim and the capacity for three watches in its velvet interior. HM380 is a larger design, and has a veneer finish, glass-window cover, silver hinges and storage space for 10 timepieces. An interior tray accommodates the watches, each on its own pillow.

"HM380 appeals to stylish individuals who want a suitable place to store a watch collection," Mr Qian says. "However, it looks equally good on dressing tables or in shop displays."

Intended for jewellery, the two-tier model HM156 is solid wood and finished in green lacquer. Its interior differs substantially from the watch boxes as, behind the lid, there is a long pocket ideal for earrings and a row of hooks to hold necklaces. Among the main compartments, one keeps rings wedged into the velvet.

Knowing the boxes will become storage places for valued possessions, Hech designs them with locks and keys. "Using these boxes for gifts makes the act of giving even more special," says Mr Qian. "The boxes themselves become extra gifts."

Some models also resemble miniature trunks, often with Chinese-style drawings carved into leather on the covers.

Hech's main markets include the UAE, elsewhere in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Europe and the Chinese mainland.

"Trading companies buy from us for import to their particular markets," Mr Qian says. "For our European customers, price isn't the most important thing as they are more focused on service. Competitive prices are a much bigger concern for buyers in the Middle East."

Many buyers contact the firm through tdctrade.com and other B2B websites. "Now, we have started to widen our reach by attending Hong Kong trade fairs," says Mr Qian, mentioning that previously Hech only joined fairs held on the mainland.

The firm believes high quality, attractive prices and reliable delivery all contribute to the appeal of its boxes. "We welcome OEM work," says Mr Qian. "Customers often provide us with samples of their products and ask us to design special boxes. We work with their ideas, needs and dimensions."

Established in 2000, the company began with 10 people. "Today, we have advanced machinery and 200 skilled workers at our 12,000-square-metre factory that has the facilities for laser-sculpting and printing on box surfaces," Mr Qian says.

"We are a small company, but one that is growing fast," he adds. "We have a strong R&D department with eight people who are all very creative and talented."

Raw materials, such as MDF, solid wood and lacquer, are sourced on the mainland in addition to Southeast Asia and South America. A minimum order requires 500 pieces for delivery 30-45 days after confirmation. "We look forward to serving new clients from many markets," says Mr Qian.

Clearly looking to make a name for itself for design and reliability, Hech Packaging Mfg Co Ltd seems to have things well covered.


Hech Packaging Mfg Co Ltd

No 3 Dadi Rd,
Shapuwei Ind Estate,
Songgang Town, Shenzhen,
Tel: 86-755-8173-0227
Fax: 86-755-2707-0020
Web: www.hech.cn


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