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Secure As Tin(HKTDC Packaging, Vol 02,2001)

Vol.2 2001

HK Enterprise Internet


Secure As Tin
Tin Packaging

Time Capsules
Watch Packaging

Giving In The Best
Giftwrap & Accessories


Secure As Tin

Tin Packaging

Yee Hing Metal Fty creates an interesting selection full of unusual shapes like basketballs, ducks, boots and beetles, all ideal for added fun.

TIN PLATE is an extremely versatile material, as Hong Kong manufacturers demonstrate through the array of packaging products they manufacture. The shapes vary from rectangular, square or round to colourful novelty creations and some with raised indentations. Evidently, the only limit is a customer's imagination.

Such packaging is ideal to hold numerous products, like deluxe chocolates, tea, crayons, cosmetics and cigarettes. Tin plate (steel sheet coated with a thin layer of tin) is commonly used in food-storage containers, notably for biscuits and tea because it is malleable, light and relatively easy to print. It is also attractive and resists corrosion.

Tins Decision (HK) Ltd manufactures tins with unique shapes, exporting them to customers worldwide. Importing tinplate from the US, Japan and Europe, the company can finish moulding work in 7-10 days if necessary.

From material import to manufacture, Tins Decision maintains tight control over quality, price and delivery. Its 125,000-square-foot factory in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland can produce five million tins and trays in a month. Minimum order is 5,000 pieces, with shipment after 30-45 days.

Clients appreciate the company's excellent printing quality. Since all products bear customers' logos and brand names, colour reproduction is crucial to fulfilling customer satisfaction.

"If customers place their trust in us, we must strive to provide solid support and quality service. It is this belief that makes us and our customers successful today. Our customer's success is also our success," says Tins Decision managing director Derek Chu.

Wellcrest Industries Ltd makes trays, as well as round and square tins, using tinplate imported from Japan, South Korea, the Chinese mainland and the Philippines.

"We have no fixed style. We get different requests from different customers. Some want tins for packing tea and others for holding chocolate, so we have many different styles," says manager Aries Cheng.

Among Wellcrest's round tins, the largest model is 260mm in diameter and designed to hold playing cards. The smallest is about 50mm. The tin trays, usually rectangular, are in demand from food traders.

The artwork may come from Wellcrest or its customers. Some buyers prefer ordering the finished tin shapes and adding their own designs later. Major buyers for the company's products include the entertainment giant Disney and the games company Jax.

More than 100 people work at Wellcrest's factory in Dongguan.

Minimum order is 10,000 pieces. The company will make smaller quantities, but then the cost rises. Shipment is after 30-45 days.

Polysun Products Ltd, founded in 1983, uses tin plate imported from Japan and offers numerous shapes. The most popular are rectangular and round models.

"We also make Christmas-tree boxes, heart shapes and houses. We can make tin boxes in any shape. A client draws a shape, and we will tailor-make it for them," says sales representative Joey Wong.

Minimum order is 5,000 pieces, with shipment after 35 days. Polysun produces for Coca-Cola and Wal-Mart, among others. The busiest period for 200 workers at the company's Dongguan factory is May to September, when they make novelty packaging for Christmas.

World Tin Fty Ltd creates an array of tinplate products, including cookie boxes, pencil cases, gift boxes, trays and novelty items such as money boxes and tissue holders - some plain and others in bright colours.

The four-year-old company offers full service to customers. "We do the printing from tin plate or tin-free plate imported from South Korea, Japan and North America. Customers give us the ideas, and we work with them to develop their products," says managing director Michelle Wong.

World Tin also does OEM work, premiums and promotional items. Clients have included Coca-Cola, cigarette maker Lucky Strike and French food company Fauchon.

Minimum order is 3,000 pieces, with shipment after 30-45 days. The company's factory on the Chinese mainland employs 400 workers, producing for major markets in Europe, Japan and the US.


Contact Details

Polysun Products Ltd
14/F, Flat B
Kwai Fong Industrial Bldg
9-15 Kwai Cheong Rd
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-3105-9661
Fax: 852-3105-9660
E-mail: ps@polysun.com.hk

T & J Can Fty Co Ltd
8/F, Unit B, On Fat Industrial Bldg
12-18 Kwai Wing Rd
Kwai Chung
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2362-0099
Fax: 852-2766-1001
E-mail: general@tandj.com.hk

Tins Decision (HK) Ltd
Suite 3506-B, Cable TV Tower
9 Hoi Shing Rd, Tsuen Wan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2498-4707
Fax: 852-2498-3350
E-mail: sales@tins-decision.com.hk

Wellcrest Industries Ltd
Rm 608, Manson House
74-78 Nathan Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2312-7976
Fax: 852-2312-7661
E-mail: sales@wellcrest.com

World Tin Fty Ltd
Rm 702, Cheung Hing Bldg
540-544 Nathan Rd
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2780-3725
Fax: 852-2771-8637
E-mail: sales@worldtin.com.hk

Yee Hing Metal Fty
15/F, Flat B
Kwai Fong Industrial Bldg
9-15 Kwai Cheong Rd
Kwai Chung
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2429-5123
Fax: 852-2489-0957
E-mail: yhyh@yeehing.com

Time Capsules

Watch Packaging

Evergreen Plastic & Metal Mfy Ltd attracts buyers' interest by producing watch boxes in diverse shapes like stars, balls, rectangles and cylinders.

KNOWING that quality packaging enhances the image of watches in all price ranges, Hong Kong companies cater to the needs of timepiece manufacturers from around the world.

Since 1983, Evergreen Plastic & Metal Mfy Ltd has produced a wide range of packaging in various materials. Its popular and contemporary tin boxes are evenly split between a standard line and those designed specifically for customers.

"We can provide tailor-made designs for clients, or they can supply their particular specifications. We are very flexible," says general manager Paul Li.

Highlighting Evergreen's own innovative designs are a star-shaped box with a mesh lid and a rectangular box with a transparent plastic lid.

"Prices depend on many factors, such as quantity and specifications. We welcome all enquiries and guarantee to respond quickly with quotes," says Li.

Quality control is a primary concern at Evergreen's 10,000-square-foot factory on the Chinese mainland. Minimum order is 3,000 pieces, with shipment 15-60 days after confirmation.

Most of the 500,000 watch boxes produced each month by Kingbox (Asia) Ltd go to Europe. The company's watch boxes and watch-set boxes vary from US$2.30 per piece for model KR1255GS to US$32.78 for KW1115WS, US$33.50 for K1117W5 and US$41.37 for K32315. All prices are FOB Hong Kong and are based on a minimum order of 1,000 pieces.

"Our most popular watch boxes are leatherette-covered wooden ones offered as exclusive designs," says sales manager Chammie Mok.

Kingbox manufactures on the Chinese mainland using raw materials from around the world - skivertex and satin from the US, pigpell from Italy and paper from France and Taiwan. Since its establishment five years ago, the company has built its business quickly by marketing at trade shows and earning a reputation for quality.

Ten-year-old ERS has a company name giving little indication of its expertise in creating an array of specialist watch packaging.

"We focus on high-gloss wooden boxes. The wood is normally hand-polished to a mirror-like finish, a process taking up to 30 days," says ERS director Raymond Louie.

The company's range extends all the way from watch-winder boxes - that wind automatic watches not being worn - to single-watch presentation boxes.

Two- and four-watch winder boxes in high-gloss wood are US$140 and US$260 respectively. The company's watch and jewellery collection case is US$75 while a single-watch box is US$8. All prices are FOB Hong Kong.

"About 80% of orders are for our own designs, with the remainder for tailor-made items. We are very flexible and do not ask for a minimum order," says Louie.

ERS ships to customers in the US, Europe, Japan and the Middle East within two months of order confirmation.

Land Fortune Industrial Ltd stresses high standards and flexibility while producing more than one million units per month at a 15,000-square-metre factory on the Chinese mainland.

"We use the best raw materials from the US, Europe and South Korea. We can meet the needs of all our customers," says marketing manager Walter Tze.

Land Fortune makes a comprehensive range of styles from various materials. Minimum order value is US$4,000 on standard items, with shipment within 30 days.

During its 20 years in business, Intercom Packaging Co Ltd has gained a solid customer base around the world.

"Quality is essential in this competitive market, and we have a very active quality-control team at our factory on the Chinese mainland. With 55% of our watch boxes going to the US, we do have to meet international standards," maintains sales manager Doris Chan.

Intercom Packaging produces more than one million boxes of various kinds each month at its 100,000-square-metre factory employing 2,000 workers. It makes watch boxes in wood and plastic, with the choice of material often depending on the quality of watches.

"Our range of wooden watch boxes is fairly new but increasingly popular for higher-quality watches. Plastic is cheaper and more popular for the lower end of the market," Chan explains. Minimum order is 1,000 pieces, with shipment after 45-60 days.


Contact Details

Rm 2411A, Cable TV Tower
9 Hoi Shing Rd, Tsuen Wan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2402-1841
Fax: 852-2492-4912
E-mail: sales@ers.com.hk

Evergreen Plastic & Metal Mfy Ltd
Unit 706, Blk B
Po Lung Centre
11 Wang Chiu Rd, Kowloon Bay
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2343-4909
Fax: 852-2763-9113
E-mail: everpmml@netvigator.com

Intercom Packaging Co Ltd
11/F, Unit A, Kader Industrial Bldg
22 Kai Cheung Rd, Kowloon Bay
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2545-0670
Fax: 852-2544-3574
E-mail: sales@intercomhk.com

Kingbox (Asia) Ltd
Rm 1A, Leroy Plaza
15 Cheung Shun St
Cheung Sha Wan
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2310-1237
Fax: 852-2310-1379
E-mail: market@kingbox.com

Land Fortune Industrial Ltd
1/F, Unit A, China Fen Hin Bldg
5 Cheung Yue St, Lai Chi Kok
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2401-3063
Fax: 852-2401-3075
E-mail: landfort@netvigator.com

Unitpak Industrial Co Ltd
8/F, Flat 8
Siu Wah Industrial Centre
29-33 Wing Hong St
Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2785-5583
Fax: 852-2786-2117
E-mail: up@unitpak.com.hk

Giving In The Best

Giftwrap & Accessories

Complacent Industrial Co Ltd uses nylon and polyester to produce colourful ribbons, all of which can make packages more attractive.

QUALITY packaging utilizes all the best in smart design, especially for accommodating fashion items and other potential giftware. Equally important is protective packaging to keep delicate gift items safe in transshipment. Hong Kong companies offer plenty of appropriate giftwrap and accessories at competitive prices.

Using nylon and polyester, Complacent Industrial Co Ltd produces numerous ribbons to decorate packaging in bows. Minimum order is 5,000-10,000 yards, with shipment after 30-45 days.

Kai Tei (HK) Co Ltd makes decorative coloured tissue and corrugated paper for the packaging industry. Its giftwrap-tissue products are used in decorative wrapping, flowers, kites and garlands. This company specializes in printing on thin paper, especially in large formats.

Among the OEM-generated, corrugated-paper items are jewellery boxes, holders, files, displays, mock-ups, greeting cards and postcards. "We do a lot of coloured tissue paper as gift wrapping, as well as embossed logos on paper and coloured corrugated paper for gift boxes or greeting cards," says manager May Liu.

"Our main market sector is in garments because tissue paper is suitable for packing shirts and other clothing items. We specialize in providing thin tissue in large sizes up to 20x45 inches or even 60 inches."

Cherry Plastic Industrial Ltd makes gift bags suitable for product packaging yet capable of doubling as promotional carriers. Its line includes frosted gift bags, double- or single-layer shopping bags and hot-stamped gift bags.

"Our types of bags are very popular. We found a market gap by using plastic film to make the bags in a format that looks the same as paper. This is better for the environment because plastic bags can be used several times. Our products are also better for promotions because we can fine print on the film," says general manager Ricky Chung.

More than 80% of Cherry Plastic's products are OEM items.

"Using gift bags that look like paper but are plastic and opaque or semi-transparent and in different colours means a big change in image. And the plastic bags can have pockets," says Chung.

"Our biggest overseas market is the US, but I see good opportunities in Europe, especially the UK and Germany. The market for plastic gift bags is growing."

Cherry Plastic's prices are flexible, depending on volume, type of printing and accessories like the handle or ribbons. Usually, the cost is below HK$2 (US$0.26) per piece FOB Hong Kong.

"We can use flexo printing, involving a special plate for matched colour designs. The other printing type is gravure, good for producing a finer printed image from photos."

Tai Fai Plastic Mfg Co makes standard blister trays, clamshell and folded-edge blister trays, tubes (plus tops), bottom boxes and folding boxes. The usual materials are PVC (clear or coloured), PETG, PS (coloured) and PS flocked for the blisters. The company's boxes are in PVC and PETG.

"Many products are packed with blister packing. Otherwise, it is PVC. For packaging watches, electronics and toys, the division is about 50-50," says Tai Fai sales manager Ken Choy.

"Our products are mainly transparent. For plain boxes, we can print in silk screen or hot stamping. Silk-screen printing is the most popular."

Tai Fai produces five million pieces per year. For quantities of 10,000, the price range is about HK$0.50-1.00 (US$0.06-0.13) per piece FOB Hong Kong.

Hip Lik Packaging Products Fty Ltd makes transparent plastic packaging, like folding boxes, tubes, die-cut cards and blister paks, in PVC, PET and PP.

"We have techniques in offset printing and silk-screen printing for a frosted effect and in gold and silver hot stamping," says Hip Lik marketing officer Fiona Chu.

Hip Lik excels in OEM work. Customers may specify all the requirements, including dimensions, preferred packing style and printing instructions.

Depending on quantity and requests from customers, the company can make boxes using PP material in gold or other colours. For bigger quantities, the gold look can prove more economical.

"We use our soft-crease technology to handle the line of folding boxes. Thanks to this technology, our boxes are very easy to fold. It is also easy for us to produce rigid box shapes that are elegant in appearance and convenient for customers," Chu says.


Contact Details

Cherry Plastic Industrial Ltd
19/F, Flat C, Phase 1
Tung Chun Industrial Bldg
9-11 Cheung Wing Rd
Kwai Chung, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2426-7866
Fax: 852-2418-1885
E-mail: cherrypg@netvigator.com

Complacent Industrial Co Ltd
10/F, Unit 2, Kowloon Plaza
485 Castle Peak Rd
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2410-0493
Fax: 852-2410-0740
E-mail: admin@complacent.com.hk

Hip Lik Packaging Products Fty Ltd
3/F, Oriental Daily News Bldg
6 Kwei Chow St, To Kwa Wan
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2363-3383
Fax: 852-2764-1906
E-mail: sales@hiplik.com.hk

Hip Sing Packaging Products Fty Ltd
15/F, Flat A, Everwin Centre
72 Hung To Rd, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2793-4028
Fax: 852-2637-7166
E-mail: info@hipsing.com.hk

Kai Tei (HK) Co Ltd
6/F, Flat A-D, Koon Wo Industrial Bldg
63-75 Ta Chuen Ping St
Kwai Chung
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2401-1290
Fax: 852-2480-5306
E-mail: kaiteihk@netvigator.com

Shih Ka Plastic Boxes Fty
5/F, Unit F, Houston Industrial Bldg
32-40 Wang Lung St
Tsuen Wan, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2408-8599
Fax: 852-2407-4891
E-mail: b3@netvigator.com

Tai Fai Plastic Mfg Co
Rm 901, Seapower Centre
73-77 Lei Muk Rd, Kwai Chung
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2421-1859
Fax: 852-2429-1861
E-mail: cmc1618@ctimail3.com


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