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Tins(HKTDC Packaging, Vol 02,2003)

Vol.2 2003

HK Enterprise Internet

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Perfect Packaging

Evergreen Plastic & Metal Mfy Ltd uses Japanese and Korean tin to manufacture its boxes

The right packaging makes the world of difference to any product or premium. Putting it in a tin adds a real touch of class and no one knows this better than the army of Hong Kong manufacturers who offer a wide range of tins - either off the shelf or tailor-made.

Evergreen Plastic & Metal Mfy Ltd, for example, has specialised in producing a wide variety of tin boxes for the past 10 years, including containers for watches, spectacles, jewellery, gifts and premiums.

"We have our own very extensive range of designs or a customer can come up with their own idea and we will produce it for them," explains manager Paul Li. "It takes us about 30 days to get a sample box back to a customer once they have delivered the design to us."

Using tin from Korea and Japan, Evergreen manufactures on the southern Chinese mainland at a 10,000-square-metre factory in Dongguan that employs a 500-plus workforce.

Its major export markets are Europe, the US and Japan, where, according to Li, its reputation for competitive pricing, innovation and quality has spread by word of mouth.

"This is a very competitive market and we know that we must keep producing interesting designs to a very high standard and at reasonable prices," says Li. "We guarantee to deal promptly with any price and design enquiries."

Evergreen will quote FOB Hong Kong prices on request but has a minimum order requirement of 3,000 pieces delivered 20-30 days after confirmation of order.

An equally wide range of tin packaging is produced by JEF Ltd, which has also carved out a special market niche since it started manufacturing in 1992.

"We mostly sell to tea, candy and cookie manufacturers," says general manager Betty Lam. "This work tends to be very seasonal, with our busiest period being in April when most overseas buyers make their Christmas purchases."

Among its standard range are eye-catching designs such as huge round boxes, ball-shaped tins, mesh tins and window tins; all of which can be individualised using offset printing.

JEF sources tin plate in Japan, Korea and Australia for production at a 3,000-square-metre, 400-worker plant on the Chinese mainland. Exports go mainly to Europe, the US and Japan on receipt of a minimum order of 3,000 pieces, delivered 30 days after order confirmation.

"We are continually developing new designs for tins, and while we actually keep some of our more innovative products under wraps, everyone is welcome to visit our showroom to see our complete range," Lam adds.

"Our customers have remained loyal to us - some for more than six years now - and in return we ensure that our quality is always good and prices competitive."

An equally formidable producer of tin plate boxes is Yee Hing Metal Fty, which boasts a 12,000-square-metre mainland factory with a 600-strong workforce and ISO 9001 certification.

"We first started producing tin boxes in 1982 and now we manufacture more than two million pieces each month at our factory on the mainland," says director Wong Ng Lam.

Using overseas designers, Yee Hing produces an innovative range of patented tin designs including telephone-shaped tins, photo cans, boot-shaped tins, candle and flower holders and CD holders - all with four-colour printing.

"We are a very flexible company and can produce any design which is supplied to us by our customers," Wong claims. "Prices are determined by individual requirements and quantity, and our sales department in Hong Kong welcomes all enquiries."

Yee Hing has a minimum order requirement of 6,000-12,000 pieces and will deliver to its major markets in the US and Europe 60-70 days after confirmation of order.

Keenpack Industrial Ltd is just as industrious, exporting more than 2.5 million pieces each month to customers in the US, Europe and Australia. "We have more than 300 tin models, many of which can be viewed on our website," says sales manager Muriel Peguet. "We have two main areas of business - primarily regular packaging for manufacturers producing items such as confectionery, biscuits, tea and pens, and also to the gifts and premiums industry."

Keenpack has a sales and marketing office in Hong Kong and a 10,000-square-metre factory on the mainland. Both locations employ qualified staff, including a French designer to create innovative packaging for customers and a technical team to ensure technical and design specifications are met quickly and efficiently.

"If a customer needs a sample all they have to do is call us - we have a 24-hour answering service - and give details of what they need such as measurements and colours and any special requirements," Peguet explains. "We will provide a quote within 24 hours and a sample within 10 days of receiving specifications."

Keenpack emphasises personal service and delivery 30 days after order confirmation, with prices depending on quantity, printing and any special requirements. "We have original patented products, competitive prices and good quality," claims Peguet, adding "we work with major brands."

Proving yet again that when it comes to perfect packaging for products and premiums, Hong Kong tin manufacturers are worth their weight in gold.


Contact Details

Chong Shing Tin Box Mfy Ltd
Flat B, 14/F
Hing Win Ind Bldg
110 How Ming St
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2357-9913
Fax: 852-2357-9320
Email : sales@chongshing-tinbox.com.hk
Web: www.chongshing-tinbox.com.hk

Evergreen Plastic & Metal Mfy Ltd
Unit 706, Blk B
Po Lung Centre
11 Wang Chiu Rd
Kowloon Bay, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2343-4909
Fax: 852-2763-9113
Email: everpmml@netvigator.com
Web: www.hk-evergreen.com

Get Choice Industrial Ltd
Flat 3, 8/F, Blk B
Hoi Luen Ind Centre
55 Hoi Yuen Rd
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2797-0585
Fax: 852-2343-7964
Email: info@get-choice.com.hk
Web: www.hkenterprise.com/getchoice

Unit B, 3/F
Kam Bun Ind Bldg
13-19 Kwai Wing Rd
Kwai Chung, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2362-0099
Fax: 852-2766-1001
Email: general@jef.com.hk
Web: www.jef.com.hk

Keenpack Industrial Ltd
Rm 1803
Tai Sang Commercial Bldg
24-34 Hennessy Rd
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2574-9924
Fax: 852-2574-9542
Email: m.peguet@keenpack.com
Web: www.keenpack.com

Wellcrest Industries Ltd
Flat D, 12/F
Wong King Ind Bldg
2-4 Tai Yau St
San Po Kong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2312-7731
Fax: 852-2312-7976
Email: sales@wellcrest.com
Web: www.wellcrest.com

Yee Hing Metal Fty
Flat B, 15/F
Kwai Fong Ind Bldg
9-15 Kwai Cheong Rd
Kwai Chung, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2429-5123
Fax: 852-2489-0957
Email: yhyh@yeehing.com
Web: www.yeehing.com

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