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WASTE NOT, WANT NOT (HKTDC Packaging,1999)

Sept 1999

HK Enterprise Internet

Camford Printing & Mfg Co Ltd.

Camford Printing & Mfg Co Ltd.

CAMFORD Printing & Mfg Co Ltd, established in 1971, is a diversified printing firm with fully integrated pre-press, printing and post-press processes, that focuses on product quality and service. "We've been paying great attention to quality and services since the company was set up," says general manager Kang Chiu.

The firm attained ISO 9000 certification last year. "Our existing customers have always been satisfied with us. The ISO 9000 certification makes them feel even more reassured about our product quality and helps us get new customers," Chiu says.

Operations manager Carson Hung points out only a few changes were needed to bring the operation in line with the ISO quality standard. "The company already operated very well before the ISO 9000 certification. The only change is that we now have to document all the procedures and keep all the records," Hung says.

Camford is now aiming to achieve the ISO 14000 environment protection standard to avoid excessive wastage. Chiu says: "We have to accomplish it within two years. All countries in the world are talking about it. Things are now recycled and re-used, and many countries are forcing the adoption of this standard."

The company, which focuses on high-quality, high-end products with medium-range pricing, sports a product portfolio ranging from simple items such as labels and booklets to complex products such as colour packaging and paper handicrafts, including pop-ups. The firm also provides technical support to its customers. Marketing manager Derek Or says: "The customers give us the conceptual design and we'll give them technical support as to how to bring it to reality. We have a paper engineering department, which designs structures for customers."

Hung says the company provides technical advice as early as the conceptual design stage to achieve faster and better services. Chiu says: "Judging from the present situation, we should have a [turnover] growth of 30-40% [this year]." Or adds: "That is within our capacity because we have added new facilities this year."

Hong Kong is the firm's main market, accounting for 80% of turnover. The US and Europe account for the remainder. Or says the company plans to further develop its US and European markets, and enter the mainland China market, which should account for 20-30% of total sales within two years.

According to the firm's target, in five years the mainland should account for 40% of sales, the US and Europe should account for a combined 40%, and Hong Kong the remainder.

Camford's 50,000-square-foot Hong Kong headquarters, which houses the main printing operation, has a total staff of 100, including 70 workers. Its 100,000-square-foot factory in southern China carries out post-press procedures and employs more than 350 workers.

The company started with label printing and then diversified into the printing of instruction manuals for home appliances. Last year it started colour packaging and the manufacture of paper handicrafts.

Written by Liza Lee

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