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ICT Award - Best Business Award
Hactl Logistics Control System

Enhancing logistics cargo handling control's round-the-clock efficiency

Hong Kong has long been one of the world's leading international air-freight hubs. In developing its new Logistics Control System (LCS), Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) has leveraged sophisticated IT technologies to heighten its already highly efficient cargo handling capability. The company is continuously enhancing cargo handling capabilities within the terminals. The success of Hactl's new LCS has now been recognized with the ‘Best Business Grand Award' from the Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Awards 2009.
In order to maintain Hong Kong's position as a leading international air-freight hub, Hactl spent around US$1,000,000,000 in building ‘Super Terminal 1' in 1998.  Said Mr. Chee Hong Tan, Hactl's General Manager, Information Services and Operation Development: “As land is scarce and population is so high in Hong Kong, our automated operation system must be highly responsive to the potential future growth in cargo demand”. Hactl ultimately employed sophisticated IT systems to ensure more highly efficient cargo handling. The company has also continued to enhance cargo handling capabilities within the terminals themselves. Hactl's developing of its own LCS was the impressive end result of this process.   

How state-of-the-art 3D technologies enhanced Hactl's cargo handling capabilities

“The major challenge we faced during the development stage was system testing. In launching new services, we simply could not afford to disrupt our terminals' 24/7 operations. By employing sophisticated 3D virtual technologies to simulate the operations of our cargo terminals, we resolved this issue”, said Mr. Chee Hong Tan. Hactl's new LCS is empowered by a highly efficient and delicate computer system that handles specific air-freight cargos and containers 24-hours-a-day. In doing so, Hactl has ensured that all terminal operations are always at their optimal efficiency levels. The new LCS handles different types of containers via two core systems, namely LCS-CSS and LCS-BSS. The system also integrates an SDS and 3D PLC Simulator to track and visualize equipment location, resources distribution and ensure accurate load performance projection of likely future business needs.

Mr. Chee Hong Tan and his team are delighted with their ICT Award as it validates their LCS system's recognition and approval among other industry leaders. “SuperTerminal 1 remains the world's largest single air cargo terminal. Hactl has always done everything possible to provide innovative and practical IT solutions to support operations here”. Since LCS's launch, Hactl's annual cargo handling capacity has grown from 2,500,000 to 3,500,000 tonnes. Since 2005, the company has also enhanced its customer service standards for over 90 airlines and 1,000 freight forwarders.

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Mr. Chee Hong Tan (left), Hactl's General Manager, Information Services and Operation Development, receives the ‘Best Business Grand Award' from Mrs. Rita Lau Ng Wai Lan, JP, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development.   Hactl's new LCS system integrates an SDS and 3D PLC Simulator to track and visualize equipment location, resources distribution, and ensure accurate load performance simulation projections for its future operational needs.

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