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ICT Award - Best Ubiquitous Networking Award
Xtown Mobile Ltd. Xtown Mobile Publishing System

Enabling mobile phone users to learn more about world news in less time

Offering users easy access to the latest news, the Xtown system has been successfully launched not only in Hong Kong but also overseas.
Xtown's system has grasped the huge technological potential of next generation mobile phones and enables content providers and mobile operators to deliver a variety of multi-media content.
Reading news headlines and stories in daily papers to be transformed by technological advancement has become one of the latest changes of our daily habits. Indeed, one of the prime movers behind this change, Xtown Mobile Publishing System, has just received the ‘Best Ubiquitous Networking Grand Award' from the Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Awards 2009. Delivering the latest news via mobile phone, the Xtown system is a handy mobile platform that enables users to discover all they need to know about the world more speedily than ever before.

“Next generation mobile phones that enable users to connect to the Internet at any time are becoming increasingly popular”, says Xtown Mobile Ltd's Chairman, Mr. Erwin HUANG. “Our publishing mode is radically different from more traditional methods and it is a product to meet the increasing demand for new generation phones and their relevant software. By simply downloading our mobile publishing platform to their new generation phone, users can easily see news on their display screens”, he added.

A mobile platform whose pictures are worth 1,000 words

Xtown has rapidly grasped the enormous potential offered by internet-capable mobile phones. In enabling both content providers and mobile operators to deliver a variety of multi-media content on such phones, the company has increased both its clients' customer bases and data utility rates. Currently, an Xtown system offering users detailed news updates has been successfully launched both here in Hong Kong and overseas. HUANG described the system as being: “Very user-friendly and offering users smoother and more fun and engaging interactive news and information. As we believe that pictures are worth 1,000 words, our platform uses photos to replace text. By viewing the photos and their captions, users can see all the latest news in the shortest time and fastest way possible”, he added.

Xtown's system incorporates an innovative user-interface and operation mode which can support most common next generation mobile phone operation platforms. “Our OEM-type technologies are primarily targeted at mobile operators and content providers or publishers”, said HUANG. He went on to add that he and his team are confident that their system will continue to create still more exciting user experiences on the new mobile media platform. “We ultimately hope to become an industry-recognized mobile publishing system which will enable users to access multi-media information anytime anywhere”, he concluded.

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