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Unlawful or Misleading Online Advertising Content Targetted in New Crackdown

26 March 2018

Online advertising deemed to be unlawful or misleading is the focus of a new government crackdown, with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) pledging enhanced consumer protection ...Read More


China’s Social Media Marketing (2): New Strategies for Brands

14 Feb 2018

Traditionally, products pass through a chain of manufacturers, distributors and retailers before they reach consumers. Today, the mobile internet has led to huge changes in the way many industries sel...Read More


China’s Social Media Marketing (1): Assistance of Professional Teams in Sales

7 Feb 2018

An increasing numbers of businesses realised the importance of the mobile Internet and social media and wanted to make use of these channels in brand marketing on the mainland. The emergence of KOL an...Read More


Medical and Financial Advertising Comes Under Renewed Scrutiny

16 Oct 2017

New guidelines designed to protect consumers from misleading and illegal advertising have been jointly issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and nine other government department...Read More


Interactive Advertising Regulations Approved for February 2018 Implementation

4 Sept 2017

New guidelines regulating interactive advertising across the mainland are set to come into effect as of 1 February 2018. The standards were drawn up following extensive consultation with a wide range ...Read More


Misleading Medical Advertising Highlighted in Bid to Boost Public Awareness

30 Aug 2017

Following the prosecution of several companies and individuals responsible for the production and dissemination of misleading medical advertisements, several examples of such illicit promotional mater...Read More


Belt and Road: Development of China’s Overseas Economic and Trade Co-operation Zones (3)

26 June 2017

Part of a joint research initiative by HKTDC Research and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, this study provides an overview of the performance of China’s Overseas Economic and Trade Co-operatio...Read More


Guangdong Enterprises Tapping Belt and Road Opportunities: Huizhou Welon Ventures into Sporting Goods Market in Southeast Asia

29 Dec 2016

Huizhou-based Welon Ltd is looking to expand its own-brand business in Southeast Asia. The company hopes to use its mainland and overseas designing and technological resources to develop high-end indo...Read More


Chinese Enterprises Capturing Belt and Road Opportunities via Hong Kong: Findings of Surveys in South China

1 Dec 2016

While China continues to promote the Belt and Road initiative, Hong Kong has been regarded as the major service platform outside the mainland for tapping such opportunities. According to HKTDC surveys...Read More


New Rule on Registration of Advertising Media

18 Nov 2016

Advertising media registration obtained by improper means such as fraud and bribery shall be revoked by the industry and commerce administration authorities, and subject to a fine of between RMB10,000...Read More


Beijing and Shanghai Investigate Illegal Search Advertising Cases

9 Sept 2016

Shortly after the implementation of the Interim Measures on Administration of Internet Advertising on 1 September, some establishments have already been brought under investigation for non-compliance....Read More


China's “Going Out” Initiative: Service Demand of Western China to Tap Belt and Road Opportunities podcast

29 July 2016

China continued to be the world’s third-largest source of FDI for the fourth consecutive year in 2015, as Chinese enterprises are going out to look for resources to boost their competitiveness, and to...Read More


“Going Out” to Capture Belt and Road Opportunities (Expert Opinion 3): Hong Kong as a Fashion Capital podcast

26 July 2016

Chinese enterprises are attaching increasing importance to enhancing their product design capability. Notably, the consumers demand for various consumer products and services is on the rise, both in t...Read More


SAIC Releases Interim Measures on Internet Advertising

19 July 2016

China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) has recently issued the Interim Measures on Administration of Internet Advertising, to be effective from 1 September 2016....Read More


“Going Out” to Capture Belt and Road Opportunities (Expert Opinion 2): Managing Brand Value podcast

15 July 2016

Many Chinese enterprises are actively pursuing transformation and upgrading as well as developing brand business in the hope of increasing the value-added of their products or services, enhancing comp...Read More


China to Monitor 95% of Internet Advertising in 2017: SAIC Official

6 May 2016

Internet advertising has witnessed rapid growth in China with the rise of the Internet industry. However, the rate of false and misleading internet advertising is three times higher than in traditiona...Read More


Capitalising on China’s New Advertising Media (2): Expanding the O2O Consumer Market podcast

28 April 2016

Chinese consumers increasingly search for products and service information via online platforms, leading advertisers to gradually shift their advertising focus towards new media. But Chinese consumers...Read More


Capitalising on China’s New Advertising Media (1): New Media to Stimulate Market Demand podcast

21 April 2016

With the rapid growth of Internet and mobile communications, new media that make use of digital platforms for promotion and marketing have mushroomed in China. This has made China's advertising market...Read More


Opportunities Arising from China's 13th Five-Year Plan: An Overview podcast

8 April 2016

Given the 13th Five-Year Plan, China is set to take promotion of innovation as the driving force for development. It also stresses the needs to form a new pattern of opening up and promote cooperation...Read More


Marketing Services Demand in China (4): Green Food Market Stalwart Sets Sights on Wider Asia Market

18 Dec 2015

Many Chinese enterprises have developed high-quality products. But a strong branding and well-rounded marketing strategies are among the keys to success. Hong Kong’s brand and marketing professionals ...Read More

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