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Patent Sector Gets Major Upgrade in Line with National IP Aspirations

6 June 2017

In line with government plans to boost China’s intellectual property sector over the next five years, the number and quality of the country’s patent agents has been earmarked for a major upgrade. Unde...Read More


Patent Guidelines Updated and Expanded

25 April 2017

Revised Guidelines for Patent Examination have now been issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. These new regulations have been designed to both boost China’s bid to develop a more innovatio...Read More


Licensees Gear Up with 2017 Tipped to be Wonder Woman's Year

15 July 2016

With her own movie and a 75th anniversary to celebrate, Wonder Woman is being billed as one of the hottest licensed products of the next 12 months, at least according to many of the exhibitors at this...Read More


China Drafts Rules for Infrastructure and Public Utilities Concessions

23 Oct 2015

In order to guide and regulate cooperation between government and social capital (public private partnership, or PPP) and promote PPP projects, the National Development and Reform Commission has recen...Read More


China’s Booming Licensing Market: The Licensees’ View podcast

21 Nov 2014

Rising domestic consumption in China has attracted an ever-growing number of international companies and Chinese entrepreneurs looking to capitalise on the boom in the licensing market. The increased ...Read More


Capitalising on China's Character Licensing Market

13 Nov 2014

Jonathan So, Chief Executive of the Wing Lok Innovative Education Organisation, is one of the mainland’s growing number of licensing entrepreneurs. In 2003, he created the Chinese animation series Ple...Read More


Asia’s Licensing Hub Reaches Out to China’s Booming Market podcast

30 Oct 2014

China’s licensing market has grown remarkably over the past few years. More home-grown properties have been launched and an increasing number of local licensors and licensing agents have emerged. At t...Read More


From Animation to Licensing podcast

22 Oct 2014

Tony S. Izumi (TI), Executive Supervisor of Giant Eye Chinimation, has had great success with licensed products related to Toonmax TV’s Battle Blade cartoon series. He previously worked on a number of...Read More


Developing Business in China Through Licensing podcast

20 Oct 2014

Jacqueline Vong, Vice-president of Marketing and Licensing of King Bee Toys, has many years of experience in merchandise licensing. She believes that licensing will not only add a higher perceived val...Read More


Hong Kong and the Mainland "Going Out" Together (4): Co-operating with Foreign Partners through Licensing Arrangements

7 Oct 2014

Apart from direction acquisition of foreign brands and technologies, mainland companies may consider using licensing arrangements to achieve the similar result as part of their "going out" strategy. I...Read More


CEPA Supplement X and Hong Kong’s Cultural and Creative Industries

24 Jan 2014

Supplement X to CEPA comprises many liberalisation measures related to Hong Kong’s cultural and creative industries, which are a very dynamic sector of the local economy. For the audio-visual services...Read More


Guangdong “goes out” (company case studies 2): “Common Language” - the key to success in business co-operation

6 Jan 2014

Hong Kong service providers not only understand the market situation and laws in the Chinese mainland and overseas, but also the technical content of the co-operation project in question. Via the Hong...Read More

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