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Smart Rehabilitation Equipment Proves Ideal Therapy for Mainland

5 May 2017

Smart assistive devices, integrating both software and hardware components, are transforming the rehabilitative regimes of many mainland patients, according to exhibitors at this year's Rehacare and O...Read More


Business Models Create Value and Boost the Smart Healthcare IoT Industry

29 March 2017

Due to the emergence of an aging society, the surging costs of the treatment and care required due to the physiological decline of an elderly population, is adding to an already huge medical expenditu...Read More


ASEAN in Focus: The Thai Consumer Market

9 Feb 2017

Fuelled by the expanding middle-income class and influx of tourists, expatriates and retirees, the Thai consumer market holds great potential for Hong Kong suppliers. There will be stronger demand for...Read More


Silver Industry Expo Expansion Marks New Emphasis on Elderly Care

5 Dec 2016

Over the last three years, the China International Silver Industry Exhibition has doubled in size, with its ever-growing number of visitors seen as a testament to the revolution in elderly care now ta...Read More


Financial Products and Smart Care Systems Dominate 2016 Elderly Expo

30 Nov 2016

Mainlanders are now starting to make financial plans for their old age far earlier than ever before, according to exhibitors at the Silver Industry Exhibition, while a new generation of digital elderl...Read More


Online Pairing and Support Boosts Growth of Mainland Nanny Sector

12 Oct 2016

With increasing birth rates, nannies have never been more in demand across the mainland, with many operators now offering parents the chance to vet potential carers online, while also offering smartap...Read More


Asia Poised to Step Up as World's Second Largest Medtech Market

23 Sept 2016

Thanks to the ever-rising wealth and increased longevity of its citizens, Asia will soon be second only to the US as a medtech market, with diagnostically-enabled wearables and the digitisation of med...Read More


Major Cities Turn to Suburbs and Nearby Provinces for Elderly Care

1 Aug 2016

With the aging population of tier one cities requiring a huge surge in the number of residential care facilities, the lower land costs in suburban areas and neighbouring provinces are seen as providin...Read More


Nordic Opportunities: Healthcare Services

7 July 2016

Sharing comparable standards of healthcare services and similar tax-based healthcare systems, the Nordic region and Hong Kong can be good partners in many areas, including preventive, curative and eld...Read More


Chinese Suppliers Brave Red Tape to Target Argentine Medical Market

6 Jan 2016

Despite off-putting import requirements, some 18 Chinese companies took the 24,500 mile round trip to exhibit at the ExpoMedical event in Buenos Aires, Argentina's largest trade show for manufacturers...Read More


Increasing Work Pressure Spurs Growth of Mainland Counselling Sector

18 Nov 2015

Although yet to be widely accepted by the public, counselling services are now available in many parts of China....Read More


Running an Elderly Care Home: A China Senior Market Case Study

11 Aug 2015

Elderly care is a huge market on the mainland, but making it a success is a challenging task. Ms Liang Yue, Manager of Guangzhou Shouxing Building shares her views on the market environment and operat...Read More


Asian Priorities Set to Dominate Future Growth of Biopharma Sector

4 May 2015

With Asia now set to take a lead in the burgeoning biopharmaceutical sector, a very different set of challenges and priorities is emerging, according to exhibitors and attendees at Singapore's recent ...Read More


Technology Mooted as Cure for Asia's Array of Rehabilitative Needs

28 April 2015

The problems of the growing elderly demographic and the need for increased levels of care could be met through the increased use of robotic aids and high-tech therapeutic systems, according to many at...Read More


Yangtze River Delta Urbanisation: Opportunities in Jiangsu’s Healthcare and Wellness Sector podcast

26 March 2015

Jiangsu of the YRD region is among the provinces most affected by the aging demographic in China. Its middle and upper classes have a strong demand for wellness, medical and health-care services. Now,...Read More


TCM's Long March Toward Scientific Endorsement Continues Apace

16 Dec 2014

Hong Kong's 13th International Conference & Exhibition of the Modernization of Chinese Medicine and Health Products showed that not all traditional Chinese medicine has to be strictly traditional, tho...Read More


Mutual Issues See US and China Optical Firms Focus on South America

11 Nov 2014

Complaints over mutual misunderstanding with regard to culture and compliance have driven US and Chinese companies to both target the more compatible – and rapidly growing – South American optical mar...Read More


US Biotech Readies for China's Arrival as World's Biggest Drug Market

11 Aug 2014

The 2014 BIO International Convention, one of the world's largest biotechnology events, saw the potential of China and the challenges of Africa dominate proceedings, while the US penchant for wearable...Read More


Maternity care centres – a new mainland service sector is born

6 June 2014

High demand, unsuitable candidates and a lack of official oversight have created considerable problems in the mainland postnatal care market, inspiring the emergence of new "club-style" maternity care...Read More


China’s Medical Device Market

21 May 2014

The HKTDC’s Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair was held between 7-9 May, 2014. During the event, Ir Dr Andros Chan, Deputy Chairman of the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Devic...Read More

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