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Recategorisation Sees 24 Solid Waste Variants Face Import Ban

20 Sept 2017

Under revised regulations with regard to the management of solid waste, 24 solid waste variants have been recategorised and shifted from the Catalogue of Restricted Import Solid Wastes that Can be Use...Read More


Guangdong Gets Tough on Air Pollution and Emissions Violations

13 Sept 2017

New measures for controlling and combatting air pollution have been introduced by the Guangdong Provincial Government. In total, 18 new initiatives have been formally adopted, including stricter regul...Read More


Mandatory Biotechnology R&D Safety Guidelines Published

25 Aug 2017

New guidelines designed to regulate biotechnology-related R&D came into effect as of 12 July 2017. Introduced by Ministry of Science and Technology, the Measures for the Safety Management of Biotechno...Read More


Reform and Liberalisation Announced for Beijing’s Services Sector

17 Aug 2017

The State Council has called for the further reform of Beijing’s services sector. Following its 11 July session, the Council emphasised the need for sustained efforts to reduce market access restricti...Read More


China Looks to Ban Solid Waste Imports and Crackdown on Smuggling in the Sector

16 Aug 2017

China is to ban the import of 24 types of solid waste deemed to represent a particularly high risk of environmental pollution. To this end, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has informed the Wo...Read More


Six-Point Artificial Intelligence Development Strategy Announced

14 Aug 2017

Six strategic objectives have been announced as China looks to the development of next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) systems in the run-up to 2030. These priorities were announced by the Sta...Read More


PPP Model to be Adopted for All Future Sewage and Waste Disposal Projects

11 Aug 2017

The public-private partnership (PPP) model has received official backing as the basis for all future sewage and waste disposal projects. A recent circular from the Ministry of Finance and a number of ...Read More


Solid Waste Imports Curtailed as China Prioritises Environmental Protection

7 Aug 2017

The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has informed the World Trade Organisation of its intention to ban the import of 24 varieties of solid waste, including waste plastics, unsorted scrap pap...Read More


High-Tech Enterprise Tax Incentive Eligibility Updated

28 July 2017

The State Administration of Taxation (SAT) has recently issued a clarification with regards to the criteria by which any high-tech enterprise can be deemed to be eligible for the government’s advantag...Read More


Environmental Protection Tax Law Set for 2018 Implementation Following End of Public Consultation

25 July 2017

The public consultation process with regard to the proposed Implementation Rules of the Environmental Protection Tax Law of the PRC was scheduled to finish on 26 July this year. Subsequent to this, Th...Read More


Development Prospects for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area and the Role of Hong Kong

25 July 2017

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area will bring about new opportunities. Hong Kong’s strengths in financial services, professional services and international ties can contribute to the transformatio...Read More


CEPA 2017: New Measures and New Opportunities for Hong Kong

13 July 2017

The signing of Investment Agreement and the Ecotech Agreement has turned CEPA into a full-fledged FTA, on the one hand providing greater clarity on protection of investment in services sectors, non-se...Read More


Use of Expert Database Compulsory for Approval of Government Financial and Technological Projects

9 May 2017

Experts required for the assessment of government projects in the financial or scientific / technological fields must now be sourced from an official database maintained by the Ministry of Science and...Read More


Patent Guidelines Updated and Expanded

25 April 2017

Revised Guidelines for Patent Examination have now been issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. These new regulations have been designed to both boost China’s bid to develop a more innovatio...Read More


Mainland Chill Spurs Taiwan to Invest and Seek New Trade Partners

21 April 2017

With its trade with mainland China facing a dramatic downturn, Taiwan is looking to South and Southeast Asia to make good the shortfall, while also making plans to invest some US$28.9 billion in overh...Read More


Restrictions on Exports of EAR-Regulated Goods to Two ZTE Entities Removed

13 April 2017

The DOC’s Bureau of Industry and Security has issued a final rule removing two mainland Chinese companies from the list of entities restricted from receiving U.S. exports of goods controlled under the...Read More


China Establishes Household Waste Sorting and Recycling System

6 April 2017

The State Council recently issued the Household Waste Sorting System Implementation Plan drawn up by the National Development and Reform Commission....Read More


Largest Ever Civil Penalty for Export Control Violations Assessed on Mainland Chinese Company

17 March 2017

The DOC announced on 7 March that a mainland Chinese company has agreed to a record-high combined civil and criminal penalty of US$1.19 billion for an “egregious scheme” to illegally ship telecommunic...Read More


Big Data and Robo-Patrols: Set to Make the Mainland Smart and Secure

16 Feb 2017

Silicon sentries, smart cameras and big-data harvesting are all tipped to revolutionise the mainland security sector, while also providing lucrative opportunities for a whole new generation of highly ...Read More


New Law Levies Tax Based on Pollutant Volume

2 Feb 2017

The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) recently passed the Environmental Protection Tax Law of the PRC in a bid to protect and improve the environment and reduce emissions of p...Read More

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