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Testing & Certification


China’s 13th Five-Year Plan: The Challenges and Opportunities of Made in China 2025

27 May 2016

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan will implement the Made in China 2025 initiative in greater depth, aiming to make the country become a manufacturing powerhouse. This will stimulate China’s demand for adva...Read More


Opportunities Arising from China's 13th Five-Year Plan: An Overview

8 April 2016

Given the 13th Five-Year Plan, China is set to take promotion of innovation as the driving force for development. It also stresses the needs to form a new pattern of opening up and promote cooperation...Read More


Technopreneurship in China (2): The Hong Kong Cross-border Partnership Opportunity podcast

26 Feb 2016

The number of incubation centres and co-working spaces in China has surged amid the society’s enthusiasm to embrace innovation to create impetus for growth. But there are also concerns about the long-...Read More


Technopreneurship in China (1): Recent Innovations and Opportunities podcast

19 Feb 2016

China’s 13th Five-year Plan is set to promote innovation as a long-term strategy to facilitate growth. This has produced huge demand from “technopreneurs” for not only financial resources but also sup...Read More


Sustainability in the Wood and Paper Supply Chain podcast

9 Dec 2015

In the face of ever more frequent and severe extreme weather events around the world, businesses and consumers have become increasingly aware of green issues. As environmentally-friendly consumerism g...Read More


Capitalising on China’s Testing Services Market via Hong Kong

22 July 2014

The SGS Group has established an impressive business network in China, providing comprehensive services in testing and certification. Thanks to its geographical advantage, its Hong Kong branch has hel...Read More


Food and the environment: emerging strengths in Guangdong’s laboratory testing services market

16 July 2014

China is increasingly emphasising the importance of food safety, while at the same time greater environmental awareness is driving ethical and green consumerism, as well as the demand for food testing...Read More


Challenges and Opportunities in China’s Testing Services Market

10 July 2014

China has been tightening control over its product quality and food safety systems, while enterprises are seeking to ensure the compliance with mandatory and voluntary product certification requiremen...Read More


China's dairy industry growth curdles

24 Aug 2012

China's dairy industry has been facing an unprecedented crisis, with tainted baby milk formula and bacterial issues alleged against other products. The answer is to develop the sector at a slower pace...Read More


Organic food gets parents' attention

27 April 2012

Following the advice of many doctors, US parents are increasingly concerned about giving their babies and older children better food, with a focus on the organic food market. But they have to examine ...Read More

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