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Provincial-level Food and Drink Administrations Lose Pharmaceutical Licensing Approval Rights

11 May 2017

Provincial-level food and drink administrations are to lose their entitlement to monitor and approve activities in three pharmaceutical-related licensing sectors. A notice to this effect has been issu...Read More


Revised Measures for Assessing Medical Device Standards Issued

10 May 2017

The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has recently issue revised guidelines with regard to the Administrative Measures for Medical Device Standards (Trial Implementation)....Read More


Guangdong Enterprises Tapping Belt and Road Opportunities: Yulan Wall-coverings Uses Hong Kong Services to Meet International Standards

15 Dec 2016

In order to ensure that its products meet the requisite quality and fire safety standards of overseas clients, the popular mainland wallpaper brand Yulan relies on inspection and testing services in H...Read More


Chinese Enterprises Capturing Belt and Road Opportunities via Hong Kong: Findings of Surveys in South China

1 Dec 2016

While China continues to promote the Belt and Road initiative, Hong Kong has been regarded as the major service platform outside the mainland for tapping such opportunities. According to HKTDC surveys...Read More


China's “Going Out” Initiative: Service Demand of Western China to Tap Belt and Road Opportunities podcast

29 July 2016

China continued to be the world’s third-largest source of FDI for the fourth consecutive year in 2015, as Chinese enterprises are going out to look for resources to boost their competitiveness, and to...Read More


China’s 13th Five-Year Plan: The Challenges and Opportunities of Made in China 2025 podcast

27 May 2016

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan will implement the Made in China 2025 initiative in greater depth, aiming to make the country become a manufacturing powerhouse. This will stimulate China’s demand for adva...Read More


Opportunities Arising from China's 13th Five-Year Plan: An Overview podcast

8 April 2016

Given the 13th Five-Year Plan, China is set to take promotion of innovation as the driving force for development. It also stresses the needs to form a new pattern of opening up and promote cooperation...Read More


Technopreneurship in China (2): The Hong Kong Cross-border Partnership Opportunity podcast

26 Feb 2016

The number of incubation centres and co-working spaces in China has surged amid the society’s enthusiasm to embrace innovation to create impetus for growth. But there are also concerns about the long-...Read More


Technopreneurship in China (1): Recent Innovations and Opportunities podcast

19 Feb 2016

China’s 13th Five-year Plan is set to promote innovation as a long-term strategy to facilitate growth. This has produced huge demand from “technopreneurs” for not only financial resources but also sup...Read More


Sustainability in the Wood and Paper Supply Chain podcast

9 Dec 2015

In the face of ever more frequent and severe extreme weather events around the world, businesses and consumers have become increasingly aware of green issues. As environmentally-friendly consumerism g...Read More


China’s 13th Five-Year Plan: Likely Aims and Implications podcast

4 Dec 2015

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan to be launched in 2016 aims to maintain economic growth at a medium to high speed. Based on the suggestions of the Communist Party and the statements made by the leaders, i...Read More


China’s “Going Out” Initiatives: Professional Services Demand in Bohai video

16 Sept 2015

China has been the world’s third largest source of outward FDI, and mainland enterprises have been actively “going out” in recent years to seek out brands, technology or other resources needed to boos...Read More


Hong Kong Services for Mainland’s Outbound Investment (6): Helping Mainland Technology Players Comply with International Standards podcast

11 Sept 2015

China has a pressing need to upgrade its manufacturing industry by enhancing its technological capabilities. Given Hong Kong’s free flow of information, technology players here can keep abreast of the...Read More


AQSIQ Lifts Control on Seven Types of Inspection and Testing Fees

21 Aug 2015

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) lifted control on certain types of inspection and testing fees on 1 August 2015....Read More


Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone: Opportunities for Hong Kong podcast

3 June 2015

The Guangdong Free Trade Zone (GDFTZ) streamlines foreign investment management by way of implementing the negative list and record filing system. Coupled with CEPA concessions, the GDFTZ will deepen ...Read More


Hong Kong and the Mainland "Going Out" Together (5): International Testing and Certification Services Help Open up the Global Market

14 Oct 2014

While Chinese enterprises "go out" to establish sales networks in overseas markets, they can make use of Hong Kong’s services to meet various mandatory and voluntary requirements for their operational...Read More


Capitalising on China’s Testing Services Market via Hong Kong

22 July 2014

The SGS Group has established an impressive business network in China, providing comprehensive services in testing and certification. Thanks to its geographical advantage, its Hong Kong branch has hel...Read More


Food and the environment: emerging strengths in Guangdong’s laboratory testing services market

16 July 2014

China is increasingly emphasising the importance of food safety, while at the same time greater environmental awareness is driving ethical and green consumerism, as well as the demand for food testing...Read More


Challenges and Opportunities in China’s Testing Services Market

10 July 2014

China has been tightening control over its product quality and food safety systems, while enterprises are seeking to ensure the compliance with mandatory and voluntary product certification requiremen...Read More


CEPA Supplement X and emerging growth service sectors in Hong Kong

20 Jan 2014

Apart from the four pillar industries, Supplement X to CEPA comprises many measures for industries in which Hong Kong enjoys clear advantages, for example, product testing. Hong Kong service suppliers...Read More

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