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Digitally Disenfranchised Africa Embraces Home-grown Innovation

13 June 2017

While, overall, Africa remains the least digitally connected continent, there are clear signs that local online entrepreneurship is now paving the way to bringing the internet to some of the region's ...Read More


China Set to be World's First Trillion-Dollar E-commerce Market by 2021

8 June 2017

Optimism was widespread at this year's eTail Asia event, with China, India and Indonesia singled out as particularly buoyant markets, while the growth of mobile payment services was seen as key to ope...Read More


IoT Transforming Russia's Management and Administrative Processes

6 June 2017

While many IoT applications in Russia conform to global norms, a number are addressing particularly local problems....Read More


Hong Kong Start-up Trends: The Fintech Sector

6 June 2017

There is a surge of fintech start-ups in Hong Kong, addressing glaring inefficiencies and pain points overlooked by traditional financial institutions. Founded in Hong Kong in 2016, Neat is a neo-bank...Read More


Hong Kong: A Preferred Base for Overseas Start-ups

31 May 2017

Overseas start-ups are now basing themselves in Hong Kong for various reasons. For example, start-ups involved in the development of hardware products see Hong Kong as a preferred base as they can be ...Read More


Taiwan's Mobile Payments Sector Still Lacks Mainstream Uptake

29 May 2017

While their SE Asian neighbours have embraced mobile payments, Taiwanese consumers remain unconvinced....Read More


Cross-border E-commerce Activity Soars Across Russian Regions

26 May 2017

Conventional retail sector giving way to growth of digital purchasing both domestically and internationally....Read More


Consumers’ Appetites for Audio-visual Products on the Rise: The Spring 2017 Hong Kong Electronics Fair Survey

26 May 2017

With the electronics market remaining optimistic, audio-visual and digital entertainment items will be the products worth noting, according to the survey at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2017 (Spring...Read More


IoT Asia Looks to Head Off Next-Generation Networking Challenges

24 May 2017

With 74.5 billion devices set to be IoT-enabled by 2025, many old school businesses lack the networking capacity to handle the tsunami of data coming their way, with victory on this new digital fronti...Read More


IoT-Enabled Fresh Rice Vending Machines Set to Woo Mainlanders

22 May 2017

With fresh rice just a push button away 24-hours a day, are China's purchasing habits about to be transformed?...Read More


A Snapshot of Hong Kong's Start-up Communities

22 May 2017

Startup communities in Hong Kong are thriving. The startup ecosystem in Hong Kong is being supported by a number of government and private sector communities, including corporate incubators and accele...Read More


Hong Kong’s E-commerce Ecology: The Value Chain

12 May 2017

A large number of merchants and service providers in Hong Kong are key players in the global e-commerce economy. According to a recent HKTDC survey in collaboration with the six major e-commerce assoc...Read More


Understanding the New Generation of Businesses in Hong Kong: HKTDC Start-up Survey

8 May 2017

HKTDC Research recently conducted an online survey targeting start-ups that have been in operation for 5 years or less, which are either technology companies or those adopting particularly innovative ...Read More


Hong Kong’s Start-up Scene

8 May 2017

Part of a global trend, start-ups have become a rising phenomenon in Hong Kong, with fintech, smart city and smart home, healthcare and big data applications among the most popular sectors. There are ...Read More


Hong Kong’s E-commerce Ecology: Importing to China

25 April 2017

Chinese consumers’ insatiable appetite for foreign goods and the government’s supportive measures bode well for cross-border e-commerce. There is much room for growth for Hong Kong’s e-commerce sector...Read More


Hong Kong’s E-commerce Ecology: Exporting to the World

21 April 2017

Hong Kong possesses good fundamentals to serve the global e-commerce market. While there is still plenty of room for growth in the e-commerce area in developed markets, Hong Kong businesses should als...Read More


Growth of Mainland Live Streaming Prompts Legislatory Catch-up

13 April 2017

With some 116 live-streaming operators now serving the mainland market, official moves are being made to regulate content, while ensuring that tax obligations are correctly assessed for the growing nu...Read More


Signs of the Times: Digital Display Screens Set to Take Leading Role

10 April 2017

Well-established as an advertising medium, digital display screens are now finding countless new applications in internal communications and on-site navigation, while now offering a more bespoke promo...Read More


Hong Kong’s E-commerce Ecology: The Local Market

7 April 2017

The local e-commerce market only accounts for a fraction of the overall e-commerce activities in Hong Kong, but it is still important as a gateway to Asia and as a testing ground for novel products an...Read More


E-commerce: Digital Marketing and Data Analytics

3 April 2017

In the online world, an effective marketing strategy is necessary for driving targeted traffic and as a means to convert visitors to customers. Compared with traditional marketing, digital marketing i...Read More

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