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Cut-Throat Taxi App War Seen as Dry Run for O2O Payment Battles

21 July 2014

With taxi-app operators offering ever more lucrative rebates to both passengers and drivers, it seems the real battle on the mainland is to build market share and driver consumer loyalty in preparatio...Read More


Human element proves weakest link in online purchasing experience

10 July 2014

Dissatisfaction highest with customer service agents say delegates to Las Vegas' Call Center Week 2014, as US companies desert India's outsourcing operations in favour of culturally more compatible Ph...Read More


Watsons Taiwan launches online "cosmeceuticals" venture

11 June 2014

Watsons goes solo to launch proprietary "clicks and mortar" cosmetics and pharmaceuticals portal....Read More


Taxi app backlash hits disillusioned European and American markets

3 June 2014

Protests in London, Milan and Brussels focus on unfair advantage of Uber platform, with legislation already banning its use in Germany and Canada. Asian taxi app operators advised to learn from the le...Read More


Taiwan's love affair with mobile drives m-commerce innovation

21 May 2014

M-tailers are customising their apps and offer to meet the requirements of Taiwanese consumers....Read More


Big Data set to be the "electricity" of 21st century business

9 May 2014

Big Data will transform the 21st century in the way electricity transformed the 17th, according to speakers at the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit, despite a number of legal, person...Read More


Vietnamese e-tailing sector enjoys 314% boom in 2013

7 May 2014

VECITA, the Vietnam government's digital watchdog, announces e-tailing sector worth US$2.2 billion in 2013, up from US$700 million in 2012. Revised figures see sector as valued at US$4 billion by 2015...Read More


Taiwan taxis sign up for global smartphone booking phenomenon

28 April 2014

Taiwan is the latest territory to launch a proprietary smartphone app, allowing passengers to book, monitor and even pay for their cab of choice. Security, convenience and discounts are now said to be...Read More


Entrants to the mainland e-commerce sector advised to "go niche"

24 April 2014

While the mainland e-commerce market is maturing, many opportunities still exist for niche players – particularly in the food and drink sector – to make an impact, particularly if they can develop the...Read More


Smartphone manufacturers ditch Google applications to lure patriotic Russian buyers, as m-tailing soars among country's consumers

17 March 2014

With purchasing via smartphones doubling over the last 12 months, Russian consumers are now being wooed by localised interfaces and proprietary software, with the Yandex search-engine emerging as the ...Read More


Taxi app wars provide windfall for Dalian passengers and drivers

5 March 2014

With Tencent and Alibaba, two of the mainland's digital giants, locked in a battle for taxi app supremacy, passengers and operators have benefitted from generous rebates and rewards, but what happens ...Read More


Fresh food online: the mainland's greatest e-commerce challenge

17 Feb 2014

Described as the "last blue ocean" by mainland e-commerce operators, fulfilling online orders for fresh food offers a hugely lucrative opportunity for those who can get it right, though many have alre...Read More


Online-offline integration set to be future for mainland retail players

13 Feb 2014

Rather than facing extinction, conventional retailers are learning to live with their digital counterparts, while forging innovative joint initiatives aimed at boosting consumer service and maximising...Read More


The singular selling secrets of the online "Double 11" winners

14 Jan 2014

"Double 11" or Singles Day is now the biggest event on the mainland online calendars. Three very different companies share their experience of dominating their respective e-tailing sectors in the hard...Read More


Multi-stage solutions to the challenge of multi-channel marketing

13 Dec 2013

With targetted spend set to out-strip search spend by 2020, owning and managing your data has never been more important to digital marketing success, according to speakers at the 2013 Dmexco event in ...Read More


WeChat outage proves its mainland marketing credentials

25 Oct 2013

With WeChat now boasting 235.8 million subscribers, the battle continues to monetise the service....Read More


As the novelty expires, e-commerce learns to love consumer service

24 Oct 2013

With e-commerce now becoming an unexceptional part of many consumers' typical shopping regimen, digital sales channels need to learn to love customer service, according to delegates at London's eComme...Read More


If you're not going mobile, you're not really going anywhere – all the latest trends in international e-commerce at Ad:tech London

15 Oct 2013

The death of banner ads, the optimisation of digital marketing for mobile platforms and the importance of understanding regional online preferences dominated the proceedings at Ad:tech London, the glo...Read More


US shoppers go mobile as industry struggles to agree pay platform

4 Oct 2013

Delegates at this year's Electronic Retailers Association's Direct to Consumer Convention gathered in Las Vegas to review the mobile purchasing revolution that is currently rewriting the US retail rul...Read More


Selling product through social media – lessons from Europe and beyond

25 Sept 2013

Rob Brown, one of the UK's leading authorities on social media, analyses the role of digital channels in the marketing mix....Read More

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