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Telecoms Sector Highlights Challenges and Opportunities in Myanmar

17 Dec 2014

The frantic uptake of services from Myanmar's two new mobile phone operators underlines the potential of this market, although the infrastructure, social and recruitment challenges are reminders of th...Read More


Malaysia Singled Out as Digital Breakout Country in E-commerce Boom

3 Dec 2014

Malaysia, China and Thailand identified as most dynamic new e-commerce markets, while Hong Kong, Sweden and Singapore win plaudits for their sustained development in this evolving sector, according to...Read More


Opportunities Emerge in Africa's Growing Mobile Data Sector

1 Dec 2014

In this second report on the opportunities presented by Africa's digital-technology market, exhibitors and delegates at the AfricaCom conference focus on the end of the voice era and the dawn of the d...Read More


Africa's GDP Could Grow 92% if it had Internet Parity with the West

28 Nov 2014

In the first of a two-part report, delegates at AfricaCom the continent's largest digital communications conference, call on governments and businesses to start working together to help boost the regi...Read More


Mobile Apps and Indie Co-operation to the Fore at Tokyo Game Show

25 Nov 2014

With no major hardware launches on offer, this year's Tokyo Game Show saw the fruits of increased co-operation between indie developers and the major players and a distinct cross-platform retro gaming...Read More


Vietnam Set for E-commerce Explosion, Despite Data and Forgery Issues

17 Oct 2014

Value of country's e-commerce sector set to top US$1.3 billion by 2015, with local e-tailing platforms said to be outperforming global giants, such as Amazon and eBay. Despite this, consumers remain w...Read More


Singapore Show Confirms Asia's Lead Role in Mobile Communications

16 Oct 2014

With Asia now accounting for some 50% of the world's mobile subscriptions, the region has become the global focus for the continuing growth of the sector, according to many attendees and exhibitors at...Read More


Surge in Smartphones Spurs Likely M-commerce Boom in Vietnam

19 Sept 2014

Smart handsets now owned by 36% of population in Asia's most ecommerce-friendly country....Read More


Russia's Google Opens Dedicated Kid's Products Category as Sales Soar

16 Sept 2014

Yandex, The Russian Federation's leading online search engine and portal, has launched a dedicated children's product category, as sales in the sector (both on- and offline) have enjoyed a massive 40%...Read More


Could WeChat Stores Present a Serious Online Challenge to Taobao?

15 Sept 2014

WeChat stores have empowered an army of small volume e-commerce operators. As the mainland sector matures, can these players – many of them based in overseas markets – survive both increased competiti...Read More


O2O2F: Enfranchising Communities and Extending E-Commerce

19 Aug 2014

O2O2F – online to offline to family – is the newest trend in the mainland e-commerce sector. This new concept bridges the gap between producers and purchasers, while opening up the internet to the pre...Read More


Bigger Data: the Challenge of Harnessing Real-time Retail Information

18 Aug 2014

With search and mobile functions converging, harnessing the power of Big Data remains both a huge opportunity for retailers and brand owners alike, as well as one that remains almost entirely bewilder...Read More


London Bids to be Global Digital Capital, Outstripping even Silicon Valley

8 Aug 2014

London is the world's fastest growing centre for digital development, according to presentations at this year's Internet World expo, with a new sense of a sustained start-up ethos said to be permeatin...Read More


E-commerce – Great for Consumers, but a Headache for Toy Retailers

29 July 2014

With the UK now the most highly-penetrated e-commerce market in the world, bricks-and-mortar retailers are struggling to stay viable. According to John Baulch, Publisher of Toy World, a new initiative...Read More


Cut-Throat Taxi App War Seen as Dry Run for O2O Payment Battles

21 July 2014

With taxi-app operators offering ever more lucrative rebates to both passengers and drivers, it seems the real battle on the mainland is to build market share and driver consumer loyalty in preparatio...Read More


Human element proves weakest link in online purchasing experience

10 July 2014

Dissatisfaction highest with customer service agents say delegates to Las Vegas' Call Center Week 2014, as US companies desert India's outsourcing operations in favour of culturally more compatible Ph...Read More


Watsons Taiwan launches online "cosmeceuticals" venture

11 June 2014

Watsons goes solo to launch proprietary "clicks and mortar" cosmetics and pharmaceuticals portal....Read More


Taxi app backlash hits disillusioned European and American markets

3 June 2014

Protests in London, Milan and Brussels focus on unfair advantage of Uber platform, with legislation already banning its use in Germany and Canada. Asian taxi app operators advised to learn from the le...Read More


Taiwan's love affair with mobile drives m-commerce innovation

21 May 2014

M-tailers are customising their apps and offer to meet the requirements of Taiwanese consumers....Read More


Big Data set to be the "electricity" of 21st century business

9 May 2014

Big Data will transform the 21st century in the way electricity transformed the 17th, according to speakers at the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit, despite a number of legal, person...Read More

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