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Government Blessing Sees China's Cross-Border E-commerce Bloom

29 Aug 2017

Buoyed by a raft of supportive government policies, enhanced warehousing/logistics facilities and ever-soaring consumer demand, cross-border e-commerce is now big business for a growing legion of main...Read More


IoT Data Surge Buoys Carriers as Smartphone Sector Nears Saturation

24 Aug 2017

With smartphone subscriptions nearing 100%, any shortfall in revenue growth on the part of carriers could be made up for by growing Internet of Things-related data demand, according to experts at Flor...Read More


Zipcar Launches in Taiwan Prior to Wider Expansion Across SE Asia

23 Aug 2017

Following its successes throughout North America and Europe, the popular car-sharing service tests the water in Taipei as it looks to bring its high-tech approach to congestion-busting to a number of ...Read More


Online Retailers Look to Tackle Fraud Without Deterring Buyers

14 Aug 2017

The problem facing remote retailers is how to deliver secure, fraud-free transactions without imposing onerous security protocols likely to deter buyers, fortunately exhibitors at the recent Card Not ...Read More


Cost and Security Concerns Hampering Adoption of IIoT Across Asia

2 Aug 2017

According to speakers at the Industry of Things World Asia event, companies in the region lack an understanding of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), a shortcoming set to undermine any moves to...Read More


China’s Middle-Class Consumers: Online Shopping Habits podcast

2 Aug 2017

HKTDC survey shows that Chinese middle class consumers shop online about 5.25 times a month on average. Smartphone apps are used to place orders online much more than computer browsers. 53% of the res...Read More


Hong Kong Start-up Trends: Disrupting the Traditional Industries

27 July 2017

Start-ups constantly create new business models to disrupt existing industries. In Hong Kong, a group of logistics professionals have founded a logistics platform connecting shippers, trucking compani...Read More


Hong Kong Start-up Trends: Mass Customisation and Personalisation

24 July 2017

While consumers increasingly look for personalised products, a new generation of businesses is developing the capacity to modify mass-market goods to satisfy specific customers’ need by adopting new t...Read More


Hong Kong Start-up Trends: The End of Industry Boundaries

21 July 2017

One major characteristic of the new generation of businesses is the blurring of industry boundaries. Start-ups generally do not produce or sell just one specific standard product, but rather offer a t...Read More


The Philippines: Consumer Market Opportunities

19 July 2017

As the second-most populous ASEAN country with over 100 million people, the Philippines is a consumer market in Southeast Asia holding good sales potential for Hong Kong companies. Strong economic gro...Read More


Hong Kong Start-up Trends: The Healthcare Sector

17 July 2017

With aging population, growing medical and healthcare demands are expected in the next decades. The trend has encouraged the use of biotechnology applications for better human health and living. Some ...Read More


Surge in Mainland Middle Class Drives Expansion of Online Wine Sector

13 July 2017

Sales of online-ordered and home-delivered/in-store collected wines have taken off across China, spurring the growth of dedicated apps and innovative retail solutions, although many of the sector's pi...Read More


Hong Kong Start-up Trends: The Big Data Analytics Sector

7 July 2017

With advancing of technology, social media information and other data sets from the Internet become more accessible and useful. In Hong Kong, there is growing interest among start-ups in applying big ...Read More


Hong Kong Start-up Trends: The IoT and Wearables Sectors

30 June 2017

The buoyant Internet of Things (IoT) industry is creating unprecedented opportunities for Hong Kong. Geographically, Hong Kong is close to Shenzhen, a massive industrial centre and a cluster of electr...Read More


Hong Kong Start-up Trends: The Smart City and Smart Home Sectors

27 June 2017

Smart cities are a growing trend around the world. In Hong Kong, there are also a number of start-ups focusing on developing smart city and smart home solutions. Accosys has developed an artificial in...Read More


Digitally Disenfranchised Africa Embraces Home-grown Innovation

13 June 2017

While, overall, Africa remains the least digitally connected continent, there are clear signs that local online entrepreneurship is now paving the way to bringing the internet to some of the region's ...Read More


China Set to be World's First Trillion-Dollar E-commerce Market by 2021

8 June 2017

Optimism was widespread at this year's eTail Asia event, with China, India and Indonesia singled out as particularly buoyant markets, while the growth of mobile payment services was seen as key to ope...Read More


IoT Transforming Russia's Management and Administrative Processes

6 June 2017

While many IoT applications in Russia conform to global norms, a number are addressing particularly local problems....Read More


Hong Kong Start-up Trends: The Fintech Sector

6 June 2017

There is a surge of fintech start-ups in Hong Kong, addressing glaring inefficiencies and pain points overlooked by traditional financial institutions. Founded in Hong Kong in 2016, Neat is a neo-bank...Read More


Hong Kong: A Preferred Base for Overseas Start-ups

31 May 2017

Overseas start-ups are now basing themselves in Hong Kong for various reasons. For example, start-ups involved in the development of hardware products see Hong Kong as a preferred base as they can be ...Read More

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