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China’s 13th Five-Year Plan: The Challenges and Opportunities of Made in China 2025

27 May 2016

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan will implement the Made in China 2025 initiative in greater depth, aiming to make the country become a manufacturing powerhouse. This will stimulate China’s demand for adva...Read More


Wearable Tech Looks to Upgrade from the Personal to the Professional

29 April 2016

While wearable technology is still best known for its sports and fitness applications, it has begun to make inroads into several commercial, industrial and medical markets, according to exhibitors at ...Read More


Capitalising on China’s New Advertising Media (2): Expanding the O2O Consumer Market

28 April 2016

Chinese consumers increasingly search for products and service information via online platforms, leading advertisers to gradually shift their advertising focus towards new media. But Chinese consumers...Read More


E-commerce Soars Across Africa with Cross-border Orders Set to Lead

27 April 2016

South Africa saw 27% growth in its e-commerce activities in 2015, with a number of other countries across the continent not far behind. This saw many delegates at the eCommerce Africa Confex convinced...Read More


Capitalising on China’s New Advertising Media (1): New Media to Stimulate Market Demand

21 April 2016

With the rapid growth of Internet and mobile communications, new media that make use of digital platforms for promotion and marketing have mushroomed in China. This has made China's advertising market...Read More


Taipei Plans Imminent Launch of Citywide LoRa Data Platform

18 April 2016

A new LoRa (Long Range) wireless network is set to transform connectivity across Taipei....Read More


Opportunities Arising from China's 13th Five-Year Plan: An Overview

8 April 2016

Given the 13th Five-Year Plan, China is set to take promotion of innovation as the driving force for development. It also stresses the needs to form a new pattern of opening up and promote cooperation...Read More


E-Commerce Slows in Russia, but Mainland Players Grow Market Share

24 March 2016

Russia reports slowest online sales growth for five years, but overseas transactions soar by 75%....Read More


Growth of Ride-Sharing App Seen as Environmental and Social Boon

18 March 2016

The Didi Hitch app pairs passengers and private drivers as a low-cost way of commuting....Read More


Technopreneurship in China (4): Hangzhou’s Big Data Success Story podcast

11 March 2016

While setting out to be an entrepreneur is a high risk venture, stories of successful entrepreneurs abound across China. This has led to the development of flourishing technopreneurship sector across ...Read More


Estonia: A Switched-on, Tech-Savvy Baltic Partner

8 March 2016

While having the smallest population of the three Baltic States, Estonia is nevertheless the region’s ICT powerhouse, besides being one globally in many ways too. Innovative e-solutions and the omnipr...Read More


Technopreneurship in China (3): Hong Kong’s Role as a Strategic Partner and Investor podcast

4 March 2016

The development of incubators has outpaced the Chinese government’s planning, as investors and related institutions are taking it as one of the important venues to recruit talented technopreneurs. Alt...Read More


Technopreneurship in China (2): The Hong Kong Cross-border Partnership Opportunity podcast

26 Feb 2016

The number of incubation centres and co-working spaces in China has surged amid the society’s enthusiasm to embrace innovation to create impetus for growth. But there are also concerns about the long-...Read More


Africa Predicted to be Bigger Technology Market than Europe by 2020

24 Feb 2016

Mobile financial services will take the lead as Africa's digital market is transformed over the next five years, according to many delegates and exhibitors attending, AfricaCom, the continent's larges...Read More


Technopreneurship in China (1): Recent Innovations and Opportunities podcast

19 Feb 2016

China’s 13th Five-year Plan is set to promote innovation as a long-term strategy to facilitate growth. This has produced huge demand from “technopreneurs” for not only financial resources but also sup...Read More


Data Security Remains a Bar to Cloud Migration for Many Companies

11 Feb 2016

While start-ups and smaller businesses have been quick to grasp the opportunities and savings offered by cloud migration, many companies are still hugely reluctant to share highly sensitive commercial...Read More


10% of All South Korean Retail Spend Set to be Online in 2016

1 Feb 2016

Country now world's seventh largest online market, with predicted sales of US$40.43 billion....Read More


Cross-border Sales and Mobile Growth Dominate E-Commerce Expo

21 Jan 2016

With mobile now a fact of life for most e-tailers, the winners in this sector are those tailoring their platforms to meet consumers need for simplicity and speed, while cross-border sales now look set...Read More


Taiwan Plays Catch-Up as Mobile Payment Providers Target Territory

8 Jan 2016

With mobile payment services newly legal in Taiwan, both local and global players are keen to make their mark....Read More


Chinese Mainland Cross-border E-commerce: Export Business Development

8 Jan 2016

China has adopted related polices to further support mainland enterprises’ direct online retail sales to overseas consumers. The export value of cross-border e-commerce amounted to RMB2.04 billion by ...Read More

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